Many of you watched the channel 2 news report about our last euthanasia clinic, in particular Diane and her two horses. You can watch the video by clicking here. Diane loved her horses dearly but was unable to financially care for them any longer due to the bad economy. The horses were brought to the euthanasia clinic. One of them did not have a good quality of life, and was humanely euthanized, but Quevuo, seen below, was brought into the rescue in an attempt to find him a loving forever home.

After the report was aired, we received an amazing anonymous call from an individual offering to sponsor Quevuo so he could go home to Diane to live his life out with his mommy. This is such an amazing gesture of kindness from a complete stranger! To give a horse you have never met a life with a person you will never meet, just to give that horse life. What love and compassion.

Today was Quevuo’s lucky today! He was loaded up into Ron’s trailer first thing this morning.

Along with paying for Quevuo’s feed and care, the sponsor is also paying medical and farrier related expenses. The first stop for Quevuo today before he went home was at the vet for shots and wormings.

And finally, Quevuo was reunited with his ecstatic mommy, who was just tickled pink and overjoyed to be reunited with her beloved horse. On Dec 17th she said “Goodbye, I love you!” to Quevuo, thinking she would never see him again, but today they were reunited.

Quevuo was happy to be back home, although no doubt missing his friend, but we don’t think you could have found a happier couple than Diane and Quevuo this evening. What an amazing holiday season gift for Diane and Quevuo! Thank you anonymous person!

As Ron tenderly drove away, he had to take one last picture of them playing happily as the mid afternoon sun filtered through the green trees and reflected off the beautiful grass. This story just makes all the hard parts of rescue seem to fade away. This was a horse that could have been slaughtered if the euthanasia clinic was not an option. And so he came to the clinic. Upon evaluation it was determined he had a good opportunity to find a forever home. But then, he was reunited with his mommy. Wow!

We got an update on Shya today. She is doing great and is looking so beautiful. She was seized by Animal Control as her owner was no longer caring for her properly. Animal Control was unable to place her, so we brought her into our organization, placed her into a very loving home, and now she is doing great!

We needed some more fencing material, and we would like to thank Oroville Tractor Supply for giving us a 10% discount on the fencing material. We really appreciate it!

Today Tawnee stumbled across the slew of comments that are on the Care2 contest for animal shelters. Many thanks to all of the wonderful people that left such touching messages. Emotional support is almost as important as financial support. If you would like to leave the comments or vote for us, click here.

A note from Jason – The photo’s of Quevuo taken today are the, without a doubt, luckiest photo’s around. Some days it is just harder to get the pictures on the blog than other days. Today was that day. Any harder, and it probably wouldn’t have been done. Ron used his personal camera, that has served him faithfully for years, to take the pictures. When he got home, he went to email them to us, but his computer would not accept the fact there were pictures on the card. So he called me, and I suggested that he try his laptop. Still no luck. So I had to interrupt my evening to drive an hour to get the camera to see what I could do. Sure enough, the pictures were not wanting to load onto a computer, and then horror of horrors the pictures just disappeared entirely. They simply vanished. Thankfully there is software made that will retrieve pictures and other data off of computers, although it is a very slow and time consuming process, as it scans each sector and kilobyte of the drive to see if it can find useful data. In the end the 6 photo’s of Quevuo took about 3 hours and $30 in software (but now we own the software for the next time it happens) to put in today’s blog. I hope you enjoy them!

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