Bright and early this morning we had a tractor contractor out to give us a quote on fixing the hill so that trailers will no longer slide down and knock over the little shed. He had some good ideas and so next Tuesday, weather permitting, he will be doing some work to make it so that trucks and trailers can get up and down the hill safely. We’ve been having various contractors come out and gives us quotes, and so far this guy is the most workable, sees our goal and focus for rescuing horses, and in addition to giving us a good price he has offered to foster a couple horses in the spring time as he owns land close to the rescue.

Once the tractor contractor had left Jason got right on unloading the fencing material that was purchased yesterday. Soon the posts will be vertical in the ground and new permanent fences will be keeping the horses safe.

Some lovely people came out today, they have been out to the resuce a few days ago, and they fell in love with Buck at that time. They came out again today to spend more time with him and put an adoption hold on Buck. As soon as their adoption application is finished Buck will be going to his forever home. The little girl and Buck are so incredibly cute together!

Freckles’s new family came to pick her up today. Freckles is going to be living with Hugs, the dog that was adopted some time ago from us, and will be spoiled and love on daily. Thank you so much for giving Hugs and Freckle’s such a great home!

Today we needed to get some more hay, so Ron hooked up the flatbed and headed out to get some while the weather is still sunny and the ground is solid. Here it is being loaded onto the trailer. After it was loaded Ron handed over the check for over $1,000 and headed back to the rescue.

He arrived safely with no trouble at all. We are diligently working on getting another load of round bales on the way from back east, they certainly greatly reduced the cost of hay to feed the rescued horses. But, the horses in smaller pens are fed small square bales, while the horses in the large pastures are fed the big round bales. And, we are almost out of the round bales from last load, hopefully the next load shows up soon… Yes, we are dreading the unloading process, but it sure does save the rescue a lot of money in feed costs.

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