This morning Tawnee was spending some time with her personal horse, Boaz. He needed some worming and then she gave him some grain so that he could have something yummy in his mouth instead of that nasty tasting wormer. Tawnee stepped back into the tack room as Boaz was happily munching his grain, and when she stepped out, Boaz was standing wide eyed and bewildered as two dwarfs came over and took over his grain. Being a good natured boy he just stepped aside and shared his treat.

Jason and Ron moved some round bales into the large pens for the horses. There is only 1 more round bale, we really need to get another truck load on the way! Let’s hope we can get this together soon. Ron enjoyed playing “Hay Rodeo” as he rode on the big bale as it was drug along.

Jason worked some more on the 1200′ of the new fencing that has to be done. It will get done eventually!

The tractor guy, Mike, came again today to get some more of his firewood and he brought a torch and started burning all the extra limbs for us. He had a pretty good bonfire going when he left!

Tawnee finally managed to head out and get pictures of all of the horses that came from December’s auctions. With vacations, bad weather, all the holidays, and everything else it has taken quite some time.

But, they are all named, photographed, and are up on our website. Click here to see them all. The January auction rescue fund page has updated photo’s on it. Click here to view the 20 horses that were rescued in December. 204 equine have been rescued from livestock auctions since March of 2008, when we first started fundraising to save horses directly from auctions!

Jason and Ron headed out to pick up a horse who’s owner could no longer care for. The poor lady, in her 80’s, is losing her home and is unable to care for her horse any longer. There were other horses on the property, we will be checking in to make sure the other horses are ok. We believe that this mare was the only horse that belonged to her. Sometimes it is really hard to keep up with taking care of a horse when age and health is a factor.

Normally only 1 person would need to go, but Jason went along to video the whole experience. The filming may also be on TV some point down the road.

We did put today’s horse rescue up on Youtube, so that you can watch it! Click here to see it.


We would like to take a moment to welcome the very first horse of 2009! Tawnee spent a great deal of the day compiling the 2008 equine statistics for NorCal Equine Rescue. There was a total of 383 equines rescued in 2008!!! 344 horses, 20 pony’s, 9 mini’s, 6 donkey’s, and 4 mules. Of those equines, we had an 88% success rate of adoption for this year! Our adoption rate since we began rescuing is 93% out of 781 equines. Our goal for 2009 is to keep our adoption rate extremely high, unfortunately there are still many more horses than there are homes. To be rescued by NorCal Equine Rescue is a lucky day for a horse! With your continued support in 2009 we hope to further our rescue efforts in remarkable ways. Our hearts are full of commitment to rescue as many equines as possible from abuse, neglect, abandonment, slaughter and worse! Together we will make this a remarkable year!

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