Have You Seen… Jake, a family’s horse? A 10 year old, 17 hand, paint gelding. Last seen at the Roseville Livestock Auction on 12-11-05. Please contact Kim if you have any information about Jake. Ph. # 916-652-2144 – Cell # 916-997-9946 Learn more about Jake and Kim – Click Here.


We got some great updates today for everyone to enjoy! The first update is from Buck’s home. Buck is an elderly gelding, when he was adopted in 2006 he was aged at 35 years old, so he should be getting close to 40 by now! He is looking great, as seen below, and enjoys yummy treats and basking in the sun, enjoying his retirement.

This is Buck when he first came to us in 2006. He still had a lot of life in him, but he sure needed some TLC and groceries.
Buck’s family also adopted Doc. They sent us photo’s of him as well, and he seems to be quite the flexible horse. He will do anything he can to get a carrot and loves doing various tricks.

A few years ago, September of 2005, Doc’s life looked pretty bleak. He was in a home where no one took pity on him, not even enough pity to feed him. He was a thin, white horse when he was rescued.

His skin is pink, and around his eyes and nose were so sunburned that every movement caused him agony. His eyes were a raw, oozy scabby mess.

But today he is a different horse! Happy and loved, and just look at how healthy he is today!

We also got an update on Check, who is living in a snowy winter wonderland. He is enjoying his new family and is sure glad he has a nice warm winter blanket. He sure is a cute little guy!

Today started off freezing cold with every horse water hose frozen solid. In short order they were all thawed and giving the horses fresh clean cool water once again.

Deb came out to work with the horses all day long. She got a number of them evaluated and enjoyed spending time with the horses and showing them that they are truly treasured.

Claire helped show horses, along with writing emails and answering the phone. It is always so wonderful that there are people out there willing to open up their homes to these wonderful animals that are being so hurt by the economy right now.

Jason and Ron worked on fencing. Part of our goal this year is to improve the facilities making it possible to rescue even more horses from the brutalities of slaughter.

We had quite a number of cars in our driveway for awhile today, people were enjoying the rainless day, visiting the horses and helping out where they could.

The family that is looking for Jake to bring home came out today with a flyer they had made up in the hopes of finding their beloved horse. They also brought out some Senior Feed for the rescued horses to enjoy! Thank you guys for thinking of the hungry tummy’s at the rescue and doing what you could to help fill them up.

Sienna was adopted today! Her adopter had a hold on Kiely, but fell in love with Sienna. Sienna will be going to her new home as soon as transporting can be arranged. It is always so wonderful seeing horses and people come together, meet, fall in love, and head off into the sunset together.

All in all it was a busy Sunday. Next Sunday is the Roseville auction, so far we have raised $3575 towards our goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses at auctions. This Sunday is the biggest auction we attend monthly, let’s hope that all of the funds are raised by this Sunday!

Please consider donating what you can to help save horses lives, click here. Thank you!

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