We would like to give a huge “Thank you!” to an anonymous person who donated $1,000 towards the January auction rescue and care fund! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity in donating to rescue horses from livestock auctions. This leaves us with only $425 left to go! Update: We just received another $25 from Show Dressed Up, leaving us with $400 left to go. WE CAN DO THIS!

We have changed the goal a little bit for the gelding clinic. As public support is just not forthcoming for this clinic, we have reduced the goal to 20 horses, $2,500. There have been stallions gelded by this program already, but there are many more that would greatly benefit from this. Just today Tawnee saw an add on Craigslist that read “Found horse – call to identify.” Tawnee called them up to make sure they had called Animal Control to let them know, and to let them know the horse would be welcome to come here if it had been abandoned. It turns out there were two horses from 2 different places. The owner came forward for one of them, but the other one was a 2 year old stud colt. She knew where he came from, so she called the owner, the scenario went something like this: “He’s at your place hu? You like him? You just got a new horse.” The lady had already gotten another stud colt from him, the backyard breeder who has too many horses, earlier. Tawnee told her about the gelding clinic and she was so excited, she is going to get an appointment as soon as she can with the vet to get yet another 2 stallions gelded. The cost of gelding is so high at times that many horse owners cannot afford it. She was so relieved to hear that the cost of gelding for her would only be between $25 and $50. So please, if you can help with this vitally important program, please do so! Click here for more information. The overpopulation of horses really starts here, help prevent unwanted foals!

We got an update on Macie. “I have attached recent photos of her for you to see how she is doing. She is doing great and enjoys her new home. I have kept pads on her because she had dropped soles and have had chiropractor out a few times for adjustments. Helping her feel better! Teeth floating next…”

Today Ron worked in the rain moving a fence line so that we can get the corner wider coming into the rescue. One of the corners is too sharp of a turn for large trailers to make it easily. By the way, Happy Birthday Ron! Sorry it wasn’t a bright sunny day… Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Tawnee worked on getting various things changed on the website today. She worked hard with Claire getting Thank You’s ready to be mailed. Jason has disappeared and gone into hiding until the year end tax receipts are done. It will be interesting to see when he finally emerges.
Claire and Tawnee got a new email work flow set up that will hopefully ensure that each and every email is replied to within 2 business days. Before there was 1 giant inbox, now the only messages in the inbox are ones that have not had any attention paid to them yet. Hopefully no messages get lost or overlooked ever again. When the system was set up Claire got to work writing emails and…

…wrote more emails. Soon the sun was gone and it was dark, but still she pressed on and finally…

…late tonight she was finally caught up 100% for this years emails and headed home for a few hours sleep before coming back over tomorrow.

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