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Early this morning Tawnee discovered two little fleeting horses running through the misty fog. Buck and Patty were loose and on the run. Tawnee thought “Oh boy!” because the first time she had to get them out of the large pasture to bring them to the rescue it took quite some time. So Tawnee headed out camera in hand to find the little rascals. After a little bit of looking she found them peering out from behind some trees. They thought they were being really sneaky…
Tawnee started walking towards them. They’ve fallen in love with Tawnee since coming to the rescue, so once they saw her they trotted up to see what kind of goodies they could get. They are so cute! In no time at all they were back in the barn. They are both in adoption pending, and the neat thing is, they will get to live right next door to each other.

We cannot say how thankful we are for the white Dodge that was donated. It has become the “tractor” here at the rescue. Today it was put to work pulling trees limbs that Ron had cleared yesterday.

While Jason was pulling tree limbs, the dozer showed up to tame the hill. We are so excited to have the dozer work being done, we had some funds set aside for capital improvements, and this is one that has got to be done!

He started pushing dirt and rocks around…

…and soon the road was gone and there was too much dirt for people to be able to drive into the rescue.

Visitors started arriving, and, when they saw the tractor they wisely stopped where they were. There was just no driving through the big mess!

All the visitors were understanding today and enjoyed the new exercise program hiking up and down the hill from their vehicles.

We had three eager volunteers come today! A mother and her two daughters. You will not see the mother in this blog because we handed her the camera to take pictures. The stalls were cleaned in a jiffy.

They enjoyed spending time with the horses. Ron has been spending a lot of time with Dominic, and he is now leading and tying decently. He sure enjoyed his long grooming today!

Meanwhile the high speed Internet shed was surrounded by mounds of dirt and the road was just gone.

Ron really enjoys spending time with the young horses, this is Ron spending some time with Ginggle. He is such a sweet boy, so willing and has such an amazing amount of love to share. Maybe with you? He is available for adoption!

Once the tractor was done with the rough construction on the road he went ahead and finished off the hay barn pad. Mike, the other tractor guy, has been working on it off and on but has been busy with other work recently and hasn’t been able to finish it. The dozer just pushed and shoved and moved dirt here there and everywhere.

The hay barn pad is inside of our 5 acre pen, so some cross fencing needed to be ran to keep the horses safe and comfortable. Soon, we had a work line going of Ron, Tawnee, Jason and the volunteers all pitching in to get the fence done in record time.

The horses just hung out and enjoyed watching us work. Barely lifting their heads to look at the tractor and think “Hmm, look at what the humans do for us.”

The two girls job was capping and putting the insulators on the posts. They seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. If you are ever building a pen with T-posts, please spend a little extra money and put caps on them! We can’t tell you how many times we have seen injuries from T-posts. A word to the wise: don’t cut tennis balls to make t-post caps! We had a horse come into the rescue a few years ago with a t-post injury that just was not healing. We took him to our old vet several times, but the vet could not find anything inside the wound. It just remained pussy and oozing. A few months after he came into the rescue he was being led and a tennis ball popped out of the injury.
And then it healed up just fine. Please, use a real cap.

Around 4:30 the tractor work was finished for today and the hay barn pad is done! It will be so nice when the hay barn is sitting there, ready to be filled with good hay for the horses! We are getting so excited, soon the poles should be going up.

We have made a Youtube video of the tractor work if you would like to see it. We are going to try to have a lot more video’s on our blog. Jake’s story really inspired us to put videos out for the public to see, you never know when someone will see their missing pet! Click here to watch the tractor video. Probably no missing pets in this video…

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  1. I have noticed that lately the blog has been talking about Jason and Tawnee, but not showing them in pictures. Why is that? Yet there has been frequent pictures of Ron and Claire. I would like to see more pics of Jason and Tawnee in the blog. They are the founders of NER and the people running the place.

  2. Thank you for the reply! I know that as horse people you prefer to rescue horses rather than promote yourselves, and that is noble. On the other hand, you are the ones that turned the rescue into such a succcess. You are the ones that us donors are interested in. Therefore, it makes us glad to see you. Maybe you should have your staff taking more of the pictures instead. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. Hopefully you get some more time off soon for yourselves.

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