We are postponing the gelding clinic fundraising to make way for an immediate need. The last of the round bales are in the pens getting eaten right now, which means it is back to the $1,000 a week feed bill. But, there is a great opprotunity for your to help get more round bales to the rescue, click here to learn more.

Jason W. from the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption program came out to read brands of 4 Mustangs that we have in the rescue. When Jason saw the old mare that came in yesterday he said he had never seen a horse like her before, and he confirmed that she indeed was born in 1977. She came to us without having any paperwork so we needed Jason to check out her brand to make sure she is titled. At her age we are sure she is, but we have to check on the Mustangs!

The other three Mustangs were not quite as gentle as the gramma above. Mookie was certainly not at all interested in standing still to get her brand shaved down to make reading her brand possible. After a great deal of effort we put her in the stocks, and while the job was done, she was definitely not thrilled.

Gracie’s new family came out to adopt her today and take her home! She was rescued from the Dec Roseville Livestock Auction. They saw her on Petfinder and they knew she was the one. They came up last Sunday and really fell in love with her. Today they came up, she loaded right up into the trailer, and she started off on her new life.

The tractor guy brought out more gravel throughout the morning and finally we have gravel in the office walkway. Now when you walk there your shoes don’t get covered top to bottom with gooey brown mud. Jason just had to spread it out a bit to make it nice and smooth.

The last stretch of gravel was ran up to the hay barn pad and the tractor work was officially over.

It all looks so nice, and for those that are sick and tired of all the tractor talk, this is it. This project is officially finished today. It all came out within budget and it all looks so wonderful and makes travel at the rescue possible during the winter rainy months! Now, we just need another 18 inches of rain.

Meanwhile, Ron was arriving at the R-Wild Horse Ranch to pick up some horses that no longer fit in their program.

We are pleased with this ranch’s management. Most dude ranch type places that ask us to take their horses that are no longer working out are just trying to find an easy way out to get rid of their skinny, uncared for horses that are no longer making them money. Quite often dude ranches just take their old horses to auction or even just shoot them instead of even giving their horses the consideration of asking a rescue to take them in or find them a good home. But, this is not the way R-Wild is operated! Their horse facilities are extremely nice and they really seem to care about and love their horses. Some of the horses that were surrendered are quite elderly, but they are all up to weight, up to date on vaccinations/wormings and look great. Each horse came with a little writeup and medical records. They generously donated a $200 trust fund for each horse, to help care for them while they are in our program. We really appreciate this thoughtfulness! Click here to learn more about R-Wild horse ranch.
Ron loaded up the 8 horses and started back the long drive to the rescue.

He arrived without incident. The new gravel sure makes it nice for driving, no more slipping and sliding while driving around the rescue.

We couldn’t wait to see the new faces peeking out of the horse trailer.

Dawn, who adopted Milo and Roan, was at the rescue visiting today so she decided to stay and visit the newcomers. As soon as the trailer pulled up, everyone hopped on the trailer, peering in at the faces peering out at them.

The horses were unloaded and Tawnee took photo’s of each one. Please enjoy meeting these wonderful horses. If you are interested in giving any of these horses a home, please click here to place a hold on them! Don’t forget to put the horses name down so we know who the hold was for. Descriptions are above each horse’s photo. The descriptions are as provided by the R-Wild ranch and are not our evaluations. We have not had the opportunity to evaluate them yet.

Taz is a 10 year old
Sorrel Quarter horse gelding. He is well broke and has been used on the trails some. He does have a cloud in his left eye and I think his vision is affected on this side, he still would make a good horse for someone. He has not been ridden for at least 6 months. He is current on all vaccinations but is due to be wormed this month.

Midge is a 7 year old Quarter Horse gelding. He has been known to give a little buck, but is well broke. He has not been ridden for at least 6 months. He is current on all vaccinations, but is due to be wormed this month.

Laverne is a 25 year old Dun Quarter Horse mare. She is well broke and is still being used on the trails. She is wonderful with children and is very easy to control. She doesn’t have any molar teeth left so she has been eating 1 to 1-1/2 cans of alfalfa pellets in a 5 gallon bucket then fill the bucket with water and the pellets soak up the water and become soft so Laverne can eat it. I also mix 1 can of equine senior, 1 can of all in one and 1 can of dry cob. This is what she eats per day. Her weight is great and she still worked on the trail and in the arena until being transported to the rescue. She would still make a good horse for someone. We would keep her at the Rnach but I cannot stop owners from feeding her carrots after they ride her and we are afraid she will choke. She is current on all vaccinations but is due to be wormed this month. She was a carriage horse and is great for lessons.

Gilly is a 20+ mare but she still has energy and should be ridden by someone with experience. She has been known to give a little buck to get out of doing what you want her to. She did have something that looked like a HYPP episode on Thanksgiving Day, but since I do not have any registration papers on her I can’t be sure. She is current on all vaccinations and is due for worming this month.

Sugar, a 20+ year old mare, has taught more people to ride at R-Wild ranch that any other horse. She is very gentle, but is vision impaired. We still use her at the ranch but because we are sending Shorty, who Sugar is very much attached to, we decided to send Sugar to. She is current on all vaccinations, but is due for worming this month.

Shorty, a 30+ year old gelding, has been retired from service for almost a year now because of the calcium in his left knee. He is up there in age but has no other health issues. He is very gentle. He has had a long adventurous life not only on the ranch but he has been used by the U S Forest Service as a pack horse for the fires in the area. He has won a lot of people belt buckles in Gymkhana events. He is current on all vaccinations but is due for wormings this month.

Red Eye is a 7 year old Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. He is green broke but has been used on the trailer some. He loves attention and would make a good horse for someone. He is totally sound and doesn’t have any vices that we know of, he is just too green for our string. He has not been ridden for at least 6 months. He is current on all vaccinations but is due to be wormed this month.

Taffy is a very gentle 20+ year old mare. She does suffer from arthritis so she can no longer go out on the trails, but we do still use her for the arena. She is current on all vaccinations but is due for her worming this month.

All the horses were settled about the time the sun was setting. Tawnee took a snapshot of the setting sun sinking below the western sky as she said Goodnight to the horses.

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