We are very pleased to announce that thanks to each of the hay donor’s generosity the hay fund has been paid for! A very generous donor could not bare the thought of letting the rescue pay interest on the credit card for the hay and has completed the fundraiser. Thank you so much Susan W, Sigrid V, Lynsey H, Lynda L, Carol M, Julia H, our steady monthly hay sponsors and a special thank you to the anonymous donor who topped it off this evening. The horses belly’s thank you too! We are so happy that this fundraiser has been completed as we wish to focus our fundraising efforts on the gelding clinic. There wasn’t room to have 4 fundraisers on our home page, so one of them had to be bumped to make way for the urgent hay fundraiser. Now, the gelding clinic can go back front and center where it belongs! Once again, thank you hay donors for your generosity!

Today started off at 53 degrees and just got warmer as the day went on. The horses absolutely loved the warmth, they were running in glee today! The auction horses were released into a larger pen and they were all just so happy.

They were just thrilled to be able to stretch their legs, with full tummys, and have a taste of spring in the middle of winter.

Finally everyone settled down and started taking long looks at their new temporary home.

We had some visitors come out to see the horses today. They were all very interested to meet the new horses.

It wasn’t long before they said “Is there anything we can do to help? Just tell us what to do!” That is always welcome words to overworked rescue staff, so in short order they were put to work. The troughs that were donated by Kim were moved into the skinny pen to be used for their special feeds.

After the troughs were in they got to work cleaning stalls.

They also brought a 250 lb barrel of pelleted feed. We are always so grateful when feed is donated. It’s something we sure use a lot of around the rescue! Our current feed bill is over $150 per day right now.

Talking about feed, while Tawnee was taking Shorty for a walk, she took a snapshot of Jason feeding the horses. It’s not the leaning tower of Pisa, it’s the leaning tower of hay. No worries, it will all be fed by tomorrow evening.

The evening light was casting a beautiful light as the sun slipped lower into the west.

And still Jason worked away, lifting the 120 lb bales into the round bale feeders with relative ease. Jason is getting back into shape when it comes to the hay toss feeding the 12-14 bales a day, instead of sitting back in the truck towing the big round bales into position. But, the round bales are just so much better, we can’t wait for them to get here.

And then, darkness settled over the rescue. These horses were following Jason up the hill to the feeding spots for their yummy supper.

As many of the readers may have noticed, we have done some advertising recently online at www.fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com. Our banner is displayed at the the bottom of every Fugly post, the response has been overwhelmingly amazing! It is no doubt the best place we could have advertised. This is our first banner advertising ever. You can place our banner on your website too, just click here and follow the directions. Thank you for helping to spread the word! The more the word can be spread about the great number of horses in need, the more can be done.
Tawnee and Jason both had the post auction day blues, having gotten less than 6 hours of sleep last night, so they almost took the day off other than fencing, showing horses to several different people, feeding, watering, writing letters, answering the phone, and all that other fun stuff.

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