This morning Marvin was definitely not doing good at all. When Ron and Claire checked on him early this morning they found him laying down with no energy. They rushed him to the vet, were he was placed in the padded room and given immediate emergency medical attention. Ron and Claire had to head headed back to tend to their own animals and to get ready to help Norcal for the day. Ron then had to haul horses for people to the clinic who had no trailers.

Jason hooked up Big Silver and Tawnee got ready to head out to be with Marvin, but first she had to load up some horses that needed to go to the vet. Today, on top of everything else, was the 3rd euthanasia clinic. It was quite a hectic start to the day, and it never did get easier.

Tawnee loaded up, among others, the poor gelding who is still experiencing severe pain, and the little white mule.

The little white mule has long hooves and we needed xrays so that Sally can know exactly where to trim.

When Tawnee arrived at the vet Marvin was not looking good at all. The vet continued treatment, but by this time Marvin had experienced 3 seizures. Along with everything else, he was suffering from neurological problems. It was so sad to see this poor little guy, who was rescued from the cold windy auction where he was shivering in the cold wind, rode home in the back seat of the pickup, lived in Deb’s house, took a bath in her bathroom, then moved to Ron and Claire’s house where he spent his first Christmas with a red hat on inside their house, and then to be in such a medical emergency.

Tawnee had to step out of Marvin’s padded room from time to time as people were bringing their horses to the clinic. It was just so sad. Most of the horses that came to the clinic were 30+ years old, their legs were just not holding them up anymore, it was their time to go. We are so thankful that we are able to offer them a dignified and pain free ending to their long and well loved lives, instead of them ending up at a slaughter house.

The vet did all she could to make Marvin comfortable. Upon hearing how poorly Marvin was doing Claire was rushing back to the vet to be with Marvin. The vet told us that it looked like another seizure was coming soon, Tawnee and Ron, along with the vet staff, where with Marvin when he started having another seizure. During the seizure his life slipped away, there was nothing that could be done. It was so sad, to see such a young horse, with such a future, pass away. Claire arrived to the vet, and we told her the sad news. She went to Marvin, knelt down by his side, and gave him a long lasting hug. Claire and Ron were hoping to adopt the little guy, so it really hit them hard. We have the comfort of knowing that he knew he was loved for the last month of his life.

The gelding that moaned when he walked from pain, upon examination, it was determined that he had a broken neck.

An xray was taken to confirm the break. We can’t see it, but it’s not our job to read xrays, but there it is, between the two red lines.

At the auction, the seller had told Tawnee that he had flipped out of the trailer. Apparently he must have broken his neck when that happened. When Tawnee met him at the auction, she could see pain in his eyes. The seller said the gelding was sore, but that didn’t seem to concern him a bit and soon he had him saddled up, and it wasn’t long before he was riding him around in a little dirt pen, making him do a Mexican dance. WITH A BROKEN NECK!!! The horse was gritting his teethe and moaning every so often. Below is a photo of him in the auction ring, right after the seller got off to lead him out of the sale ring. The vet told us that there was nothing that could be done for him, and that Euthanasia was the kindest thing to do. This geldings name was Jet Settin Alibi, a registered apendix QH. He was a race horse that won almost $20,000 in his racing career. He is one of the bravest and gentlest horses we have ever known.

Hoping for a better diagnosis, the white mule (we haven’t matched her with the perfect name yet) was examined and xrayed for her long hooves.

The xray came out great, and now she’s ready to have her hooves fixed!

All the while off and on people were bringing their beloved pets to be laid to rest gently and with compassion and dignity. It was certainly a tear filled day for everyone.

This poor horse is in his 30’s, and quite frankly, his hooves can’t hold him up anymore. His hooves look like a dried up shriveled prune.

Tawnee was finally able to head back to the rescue. She stopped at the mailbox, and one of the letter’s she opened up was the sweetest cutest letter she has ever received. It had the boy’s $12 donation, probably his life savings. Thank you Derek! Your letter really brightened up Tawnee’s day, and your donation will help feed 5 horses today.

Finally the day was drawing to a close, yet another gorgeous sunset. Are we the only ones with beautiful sunsets?

Where was Jason? Tax receipts and tractor work. Without anyone here to take a picture of him. He’s about half done with the receipts.

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  1. Well I know that certain jobs take very special people and the jobs that you all have show how special you all are… I’ve only read the January 14th blog and all I could do was ball. You sure are great people. god bless you all.

  2. To say that I am upset with the outcome of our little Marvin would be an understatement. I will miss that little guy! I think that was the best truck ride so far of my life! I had hoped that we would be seeing him for years to come as he was not even a year old yet. Knowing that he was loved to the end helps. Even if we help just one it’s worth it.

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