Instead of sharing a heartwarming rescue story today, we have opted to tell you about the hay delivery.

Early this morning, around 8:00 am, the Schneider truck showed up with 27,000 lbs of hay in the back. Over the hill he came, going passed the computer shed. We are so excited that the road improvments are done and a semi can easily make the turns into the rescue.

He made the corner onto our driveway with no trouble at all. The driver was a great guy, he was more than willing to put the hay where we needed it.
He parked his truck and waited for Ron and Jason to do the hard part.
The back doors were opened to reveal the giant hay bales, all neatly stacked and waiting to be unloaded.

Jason crawled up into the trailer and started hooking the tow straps around the big bales. It was very exciting crawling up there, trying to squeeze in between the bales, all the while trying his best not to get squished.
Out the bales started coming.

Ron was operating the tractor. A huge thank you! to Kim and Rico who have donated the use of their tractor. It was an absolute lifesaver today.

Once the trailer was unloaded the driver started up the hill.

And then he backed down the hill. Despite having the improvements, which are absolutely wonderful for pickups and horse trailers, and for the safety of all involved, the drive wheels just did not have enough traction to pull the heavy rig up the hill.

So, we hooked the semi up to Ron’s pickup and towed him right up! What a relief not to have to call a tow truck.

The horses are already greatly enjoying the big round bales of hay. Have a great weekend!

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