We did not have a chance to blog about all of Friday’s happenings, so here is a bit more about what happened on Friday.

While Jason and Ron were unloading the hay…

Tawnee was loading up some horses that needed to go to the vet, two of which were going to be gelded.

When Tawnee was at the vet she was waiting in the waiting room so she grabbed what looked like an interesting magazine. She flipped through some of the pages and sure enough…

…it was pretty interesting. It had an article about us!

Next the vet showed Tawnee another magazine with yet another article about us. This one is the Practical Horseman, and they also had a good, and very long, article about us.

Tawnee was told where to put the horses, so she unloaded then. Gingles and Redneck needed to be gelded. Some folks have asked about us buying stallions at auctions, and what their future is. It strictly depends on a horse by horse basis, we evaluate each horse that comes into our rescue program for temperament, health, adoptability and how the quality of each horses’ life is. Most of the stallions that come into the auction have been running loose with mares, have no manners if they are even halter broke, and are very dangerous to people and other horses. We used to sit back and watch them get loaded onto killer trucks every month, but since we have the resources to give them a peaceful end, why turn our heads and let them die the cruelest of deaths?

Tawnee took Adrian to the vet as well, she has a foster home lined up and Adrian needed to get fully vaccinated. The vet is also going to be giving us a rehabilitation plan for Arian. Adrian was from the Lucky 7 group, and she just is having a hard time packing the weight on, so we’re also going to be doing some blood work to see if there are any underlying issues. She is finally getting tame enough to where she can be worked with.

Tawnee ran into Sugar and her adopter at the vet Friday. Her adopter is just tickled pink with Sugar, she was there to get shots and a health checkup. Thanks for giving Sugar such a great home!

Dr Weaver gave Sugar a clean bill of health and couldn’t have made Sugar’s new mommy happier!

Today was bright and beautiful, and all the horses seemed bright eyed and excited to see what the day would hold.
Jason got all the tax receipts folded, and then stuffed into envelopes, so as soon as the brochures are printed they will be in the mail!

Tawnee showed horses today, and also gave them a quick lesson on aging by checking the teethe.

Ron and Deb worked with the horses and help show horses. It’s always so nice having people here that can help with the horses!

We had two adoptions today! Tawnee took a snapshot of the new family as they start out on their new adventure. These folks are the ones that bought the horse at Roseville last month with the broken neck. It was the first horse auction they had ever attended, and it became a heart wrenching experience for them. They have not stopped their quest of adding horse members to their family, so they came to the rescue and fell in love with a couple horses.

Ron was able to transport them and they arrived home safely!

Jason got to work mucking pastures with the tractor, installing drainage ditches, and cleaning.

Sally and James, barefoot trimmers, came to help out this afternoon and got to work on Li’ll Blue.

We just couldn’t wait for them to work their magic on those poor little long hooves.

Li’ll Blue tried her best to be good, and they made steady progress.

Snipping and clipping here and there. Rasping this way and that.

Sally would trim then James would trim, back and forth it went. We’re not sure if Li’ll Blue is smiling or getting ready to bite his ear off. She really did seem to enjoy the hoof trim.

Once it was all done they looked great compared to how they started! Thank you guys so much for making Li’ll Blue so much more comfortable.

James took Li’ll Blue for a walk after her feet were all done so she could try out her new feet. It’s always interesting to watch an equine walk after a significant trim, they are used to walking strangely, and then suddenly, they have to learn to walk normal once again.

The horses have been really enjoying the round bales! They can just eat whenever they want, however much they want. We are so thankful we were able to raise the needed funds.

After eating all day, they have a hard time holding their heads up as the evening wears on. A little sleep, and back to the hay pile they go.

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  1. It is amazing how long those hooves were on lil blue. That it sure cool that barefoot trimmers comes up there to do that. I remember when “Reba” got her first triming she was so happy. Well another great blog. Thanks for keeping us informed.Oh ya I’m sure you notice that I have been putting anonymous even though I registered on the blog I forgot my username and password. If you know how to figure it out could you email it to me thanks sicilianmama39@yahoo.com

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