This morning Ron loaded up Taz and Clark to deliver them to their new home. They loaded up without too much trouble and they were off.

Clark unloaded without a problem and seemed very happy with his new mommy.

Taz also seemed very happy once he got out and looked around.

Some girl scouts have been collecting tack for quite some time, and today they brought out a whole bunch of wonderful surprises. They are a great group of girls and we cannot thank them enough! Click here to visit them online.

The girl scouts all got to groom the horse that was abandoned on the road, and they chose her new name: Cheyenne. They really loved being able to spend time at the rescue visiting the horses, and we really enjoyed having them here.

The great folks came out that love to clean stalls. They sure helped out and made themselves very useful.

They also donated another 250 pounds of pelleted feed! Thank you so much, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate the stall cleanings, help and feed!

Deb was able to come down today as well, and she was able to pick up some feed that Walmart donated. Jason got right to work unloading it.

This girl enjoys showing up at the rescue with a huge smile and a big wad of cash. This time she had decided to raid her house, cars, and everywhere else she could think of to find loose change, and in the end she had $56 to donate. Thank you so much!!! She is in the family that adopted Hugs and Freckle.

You’re probably wondering why the blog is so short and to the point today. Maybe this will explain it…
It’s Tawnee and Jason’s 6th wedding anniversary and they don’t feel like typing anymore tonight…

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all your hard work, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and learn how things are going every day at the rescue.

  2. Great anniversary pic. You guys are such great people and these blogs are so cool. I love to see what is going on up at the rescue.Well another great thing to tell you about “Reba” aka posie rosie I was walking her on her lead rope over to our neighbors to let her graze and I tripped and all I thought was is reba going to get spooked and trample me? All she did was move to the side and stand there waiting for me. She is so sweet and I’m sure she wondered why her mommy is such a cluts? haha Thanks again for a wonderful horse.

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