We got a great update about Beau and Happy today. “They are looking great, enjoying their freedom on my 20 acres and doing excellent on their groundwork. I can’t imagine life without them. They mean the world to me. Thank you so much for saving them which in turn, enabled them to become part of my life and bring me such joy.”

They are looking so beautiful! Cindy is doing such a great job with them, thanks for giving them such an awesome home.

Jason got right to work this morning, there were so many rain preparation chores that had to be done, but first, the horses needed their breakfast. We’ve use this tractor so much it will be hard to let it go. We knew how badly we needed one, but now that it is here and we are using it for a short time, it just makes the need that much greater.

Ron loaded up Mr Watson for his new adventure in his adoptive home. He didn’t want to load at first, but after some gentle persuasion he got the idea and hopped right up. Ron also picked up 2 other horses today. They were also hard to load, so by the time he was heading back to the rescue he decided to take them to his place for the night. But, we should have two new horses tomorrow!

We forgot to update about the horse Ron found wandering on the road. He was successfully returned to his owner. Hopefully they get their fences repaired and can keep their escape artist in his pen. We know all about escaping horses…

With the rain on its way the hay had to be covered. Thankfully we had saved the plastic from the last batch of round bales we covered, so it was just a matter of getting them out of storage and putting them on.

Tawnee, meanwhile, worked feverishly away at sorting the donated tack. She sorted out the tack that will be very useful at the rescue, the other will be taken to the auction to sell, and the funds will be used for saving lives! Tawnee did get finished today and it is all stowed away in the tack room nice and dry.

While Tawnee was working on the tack Jason was making room for the tack to go in the tack room. Here he is dumping bags of grain into the big tub.

The girl scouts that brought out all the wonderful tack have made a slide show about their visit. It is really cute, you really should watch it. Click here!
Tawnee showed horses to a potential family today and they fell in love with, well, he hasn’t been named yet. We’ll let his adoptive family pick a name for him. He is a little colt that came from the last auction.

After Claire left Tawnee worked away late into the night, updating the website. She hasn’t been able to do much web work since Claire has been using her computer so much for emails. We are working on piecing a computer together for Tawnee so that she can work on the website and E-New’s at her convenience.

Thanks to Tawnee’s hard work, the Happy Tails page has been updated, click here to see it. Tawnee has wanted to get this done for a long time, and now it is has a good start to it, and Tawnee will be adding more Happy Tails to it as she has time. When folks send us updates, we will post them on the blog and they will be posted on Happy Tails as well. If you want to see your adopted horse here, send an update with a picture!

And, this evening, it started to rain. We are very thankful, it is, after all, supposed to be winter, and we’re just not used to seeing flowers start to bloom in January.

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