We are pleased to announce that the January auction rescue fundraising has been completed. 15 horses were saved from Livestock auctions in January, 2 of the mares appear to be pregnant, so it’s probably actually 17 lives saved! We are now starting on our February auction fundraising. We are planning on attending Roseville Livestock Auction again, as well as an auction that will require a long trip, overnight stay, and lots of late nights from Tawnee and Jason. We will not be announcing which auction it will be, as we do not want the auctioneers prejudiced before we even get there. We need to raise at least half of the goal by February 3rd to make this long distance auction a reality. Please donate what you can to help us make it to the killer’s paradise and save some very worthy horses from certain death.

We would also like to remind you that our next Free Euthanasia Clinic is coming up on the 18th. There are people signing up for this clinic who have no other option than to take their beloved horses to auction where they would very likely be shipped for slaughter. Please help make this, the 4th ever free euthanasia clinic for horses, a resounding success. Remember: All horses coming to the clinic are screened for adaptability and brought into our rescue program if they are not in pain and have a great chance of finding a home. The experience that we have had at the clinics is that 99% of the horses are in extreme pain and their future outlook is very bleak. Most of the horses are very old, have crippling arthritis, and it simply is their time to pass on. They can either pass on knowing love and compassion, or they can pass on knowing fear and the brutality of slaughter. If you feel impressed to donate to either of these great needs, you can find donate buttons on our homepage: www.SaveTheHorse.com or by clicking here. If we all do what we can, much will be accomplished! Every dollar helps a lot, thank you in advance!

We have started an advertising program on our website. This will be the first time we have accepted paid advertising, up to this point all forms of advertisement on our website has been from sponsors and other generous donors. We would like to invite you the first opportunity to advertise on our website, you will see a link in the bottom left of our side menu bar, or you can click here. The funds raised from advertising will go directly to helping horses in need! We will still be listing our sponsors and supporters, but this is a great opportunity for business’ to support horse rescue while advertising!

Some horses were needing another round bale in their pen so Jason hooked the tractor up to and pulled the hay right into the pen, through the rain and mud. Why the bucket load of goop? The tractor needed the weight for traction to be able to pull the round bale through the mud. The round bale of hay almost weighs as much as the tractor. Cody, Dominic and Milo have been in adoption pending by some folks who were waiting to be approved. They have the heart and the land to open their homes to three of our young horses who were having a hard time finding homes. Today they were able to come adopt them. We greatly appreciate them being able to give them a great life, and look forward to getting updates as they grow up!

Since the colts are not really halter trained yet, they backed their trailer up to the pen, made a chute, and with a little persuasion from Tawnee and Amber and they jumped right in.

Then they were driven over to the Mare Motel, where Milo was waiting to be loaded. He was watching on, blissfully unaware that his turn was coming right up!

He really didn’t know what he was doing, but he was a good boy and got in without too much fuss.

The color scheme is simple: red is boys, blue is girls. So yes, our horses are wearing necklaces now. They each get their number and name on a nice blue or red tag, attached with a nice blue or red rope, which is ran through a specially built giveaway bracket. This will make finding “That bay mare over in the herd” so much easier. When Tawnee says “You need to bring Blazer down, the sorrel gelding with a blaze” at least the other staff will at least have a clue.

Tawnee and Amber headed out and started adorning the horses with their new apparel. One by one they were wooed into coming close enough to get it on. After the heavy rains we’ve had the pens are pretty muddy.

Ann came out to spend time with Gypsy today, whom she will be adopting very soon. But, she found a horse that caught her eye, Freya, one of the mares rescued from the last auction. She had a matted mane, and Ann’s heart went out to her. She spent all day on that mane…

…by the end of the day the mane was brushed and looked all fancy. Freya managed to win her heart, and is going to have a home with Ann too!

Amber and Tawnee were still tagging the horses. By the end of the day all of the horses were tagged except three hooligans who decided the tags we
re extremely dangerous and they wanted nothing to do with them.

Amber was the last one to leave the rescue today. We all worked hard and will certainly have some sore muscles from trudging around in the mud today.

What a pretty sunset, the clouds cleared off just enough to really make it brilliant.

Thanks for voting on our E-News poll. If you are strongly convinced that weekly is a bad idea, you’d better vote! We will be sending it out to our E-news soon, we will see what the 2000+ readers have to say about the matter. No doubt it will be similar results. If you haven’t taken the poll, we would like to know your opinion! Click here.

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