Thanks to your generosity, the auction fund is currently at $477. Yes, the picture says $402, but thankfully more donations came in since Tawnee did a a screenshot. Please help out how you can!
This morning Jason spread the recently donated shavings in the stalls. The horses sure do love having shavings to stand on.

Dottie and Macho Man just couldn’t wait to get the shavings in their pen. They are always so interested in getting their noses tickled too. Inky, the little mule, just loved her shavings. Soon her body was covered in shavings because she laid down and took a nice roll. It’s nice to see her getting more relaxed and feeling at home in her stall. She has been so abused and is absolutely terrified of people.

Debongir is our latest addition to the rescue family. He is a very well loved 6 year old off the track TB. His owner spent thousands of dollars on his training, but despite all the training, he was still too much horse for them and can get aggressive at times. He has too much go and needs to be ridden regularly. Unfortunately riding him almost every day didn’t quite match up with their schedule. He is a sweet boy and they loved him dearly, they really hated to say “Goodbye.” Her husband remarked: “It’s like letting your 18 year old head off to college.”

They were just getting ready to step into their truck, when they said “If you ever come across a really sweet gentle pony that would be great with kids, let us know, we really want one we can love and the grand kids can ride.” Tawnee said “Ah, we have just the right one.” Tawnee brought Sugar, the pony that came from the Dude ranch, out for them to meet. They all fell in love with her and they decided they would take her home. They needed to become approved to adopt, so they headed off to the office so that Claire could call up their references.

While they were becoming approved to adopt, a lady came to the rescue. She was the owner of the cow. She wanted to tell us some things and ask us to take the cow off our website.
By the time the cows owner had left Sugar’s mommy was approved to adopt. They loaded up their new baby and had their adoption photo taken. We are confident they are going to give Sugar a sugar coated home.

Ron evaluated horses today, soon we will have the last auction horses up on Petfinder with their information.

Tawnee kicked Claire off the computer and gave her the laptop to reply to emails on. Tawnee’s goal for the day was an E-news, and by 8:30 this evening it was on its way. Claire will be happy when she can actually use the main computer again. We had to find another keyboard to plug into the Laptop, somehow Claire and Laptop were not getting along, unfortunately some emails were sent off before they were finished. If you received an odd email, please understand.

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As you all know, Jason and Tawnee write the blog 6 nights a week. There is a very small number of people who receive the blog entries right in their e-mail every time there is a new blog entry. The people on this special list are the Board of Directors and larger donors, but now you can be on the special list. All you have to do is become a NorCal Equine Rescue Member and that will put you on the special list too. As the Memberships grows there will be more benefits for our members. The membership costs $50.00 a month, the money received from membership fees will directly benefit the large number of horses we rescue every month. Think of the membership fee as 5 bales of yummy hay that the hungry horses can count on every month, just waiting in the barn for them. If you would like to become a member and get on the special list, sign up now. Click Here to become a NorCal Equine Rescue Member. The first 5 members will receive a free I Love My Horse License Plate frame! So hurry to make sure you are in the first 5. In the donation page, sign up for monthly support and select “Membership Fee.” Your monthly donation can be any amount over $50, please do not feel like you need to limit yourself to $50 a month.

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