Thank you so much to each one of you that have stepped forward and donated to save lives. The February auction rescue fund is currently at $1,633. A huge “Thank You!” goes to Jennifer G’s extreme generosity: she donated $1,000 towards the mystery auction run that is coming up very soon. Please, if you have thought about donating, please do so. Click here.
OK, so, you know that things tend to go in waves. First we’ll have all TB’s for awhile. Then all babies. Then only ponys. Now it’s cows. Imagine Tawnee’s shock and surprise to round the corner of the office to see a cow in our horse pen. At first glance she thought it was a horse, but she took the 2nd look and sure enough, it really was a cow.

There were two roaming cows at the rescue today. After some investigation we found out the fence was down. We’re not sure if the cows are trying to tell us something or what, but we sure have been coming in contact with cows a lot in the last few days. Maybe they want us to branch out our rescue? Not sure, but we are hoping today was the last cow episode for awhile.

Back to more normal happenings. Wonka was placed in adoption pending, her adopter was approved and they were able to meet today. She truly fell in love and Wonka was very happy and relaxed with her.

Soon the adoption papers were sign and Wonka had a brand new shiny halter and a new home. Wonka loaded up like a good girl and she headed off for her new adventure in life.

Jason hooked up the trailer and headed out this morning.

He headed over to Ferris and Comet’s adopter. No, he didn’t go to bring them back. Their adopter loaned the rescue something that is helping us out and is going to save a lot of time. Ferris is looking so much better and he seems truly happy there. He is gaining weight too. They truly love him and they are giving him all the care he so badly needed.

What was the item they loaned us? A post hole digger for a tractor. This is going to save us so much time, thank you Larry for letting us use it!

Back at the rescue Tawnee and Claire were taking photo’s of Debongir. Yes, his name is hard to pronounce, his previous owners called him Deb, but everyone here claims that is a girls name, so we may shorten it to Dib. He sure is a handsome boy! He is 9 years old, has had $4,000 worth of training, and just needs someone to love and ride him regularly.

As you know, we have had Ok Katie Kate for some time now. She came to us back in June of 2008 from her loving owner who at the time was no longer able to keep her. We adopted her into a home quite quickly to a very loving older lady and then 1 week later we were evacuating horses away from the fires this summer, and Katie had to be evacuated too. After the fires everything was too overwhelming and the lady asked if Katie could stay at the rescue and find a new home. Of course she could! We’ve had her for quite awhile after that as she does have some lameness that goes off and on, and pops up if she is ridden much. And then, she was adopted for the 2nd time. Unfortunately Katie had too much lameness, and after the vets examined her, they chose to bring her back to the rescue. So, she came back the 2nd time. We contacted Katie’s original owner to see if she was in a point in her life where she was able to take Katie back. She said “Yes!” and transportation arrangements were made.
The transporter loaded Katie up without too much trouble, and she is off to go back home once again. We felt so bad for her, every time we adopted her out, the adoption fell apart. It must be meant to be that she is to stay with her original owner.

By this time Jason was back with the post hole digger. After a heave, and a ho, he got it out.

And then Jason was off again.

We were contacted about a 29 year old horse who’s owners could no longer keep him due to moving. Not wanting her horse to end up in a slaughter house, they contacted us about the euthanasia clinic. The paperwork was done, and Jason headed out to pick him up. When Jason arrived he saw a high energy fat rolly polly, not your typical 29 year old horse. We are hoping that we can find this guy a home, even though he is so old, he seems to be really healthy. If you want a senior, here’s your boy! We’ll be evaluating him soon to see how he do
es on everything, and to check for underlying medical conditions.

Ron evaluated this horse, Smokey, today. He really is a beautiful Arab and is quite big, he stands at 16 hands.

Smokey is pretty well trained, lifts up all his feet, and all in all seems like a really good boy. He is about 11 years old. He really has a lot of potential for someone that likes Arabs.

Jason arrived back with the elderly horse. He was more than happy to get out of the trailer and soak up his new surroundings.

And then, Jason just had to try out the post hold digger. After some wiggling, jiggling and moving things around, it got all hooked up.

Tawnee was in the office preparing a special box for our first NorCal Equine Rescue member! Tawnee found some SaveTheHorse car magnets, so the next 4 members will receive, along with the license plate frame, a car magnet as well. The first member also will be receiving an extra special magnet that says “Stop Animal Abuse.” We may be able to find more of those as well, if so, they will be in the next 4 member packets as well. Do you want a special box? Sign up to be a member: click here and select “Membership” in the program box and start your $50 a month reoccurring payment. You will enjoy receiving the blog in your email, and the horses will love knowing there is hay money they can count on!

By this time Jason had the tractor all set up for the first hole to be dug. The bit went round and round and soon the first big hole was there. With the new fencing we are putting in, this will be a back saver!

After Jason had tired of working on his PHD, Tawnee and Jason got to work on clearing some brush by the barn pad. There is a lot of brush and cleanup that needed to be done after the tractor work. Soon there was a roaring bonfire that lit up the night sky.

We sent out the poll in our e-news, but unfortunately the system was not working, and almost no one voted on the poll. This is the last call to vote, otherwise weekly will be declared the winner. If you haven’t voted, we would love to know your vote! Click here.

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