This morning seemed to start out quietly. Claire caught up on phone calls and emails while Deb and Ron took care of the horses’ needs.

First thing this morning a group of previous adopters came and showed interest is Midnight Cowgirl. Midnight Cowgirl was already in adoption pending, so they looked at other available horses.

Deb worked on getting tack ready for the next auction. It is so nice to have volunteers that do their part in making sure that the rescue runs smoothly.

While we had the nice weather Ron decided to work on Jakey boy’s feet. He was such a good boy and Deb gave him an apple to chew on so he wouldn’t think about the trim job.

Claire decided to call the potential adopter for Midnight Cowgirl to see if she was still interested. After reminding Claire that she had emailed and retracted her hold, Claire quickly called Cindy and her daughter Meghan to let them know she was once again available. They were ecstatic and picked up a friend’s trailer and headed back over. They had already been approved so everything was in order. We can tell that this match was meant to be.
Ron helped them load her and they all beamed as they drove off with their new baby.

So where were Jason and Tawnee today? Early this morning, long before the sun was up, they were up preparing to go to an auction they had never visited before to save horses. They were very curious to see how many horses where there, how many Kb’s were there, and to scope out the auction.

The long drive included patches of fog. It’s never enjoyable driving in fog, but Jason is willing to do so, even if it only saves 1 life.

Thankfully the traffic was light and the roads were clear. Jason drove and drove while…

…Tawnee tried to sleep. She has a hard time sleeping in the truck, despite her best efforts she didn’t even get a wink.

They arrived in the auction town and checked into a motel. Then, since Tawnee just pulls negative vibes from auctioneers and kb’s, Jason went to the auction while Tawnee waited for it all to be over. There were a lot of big trailers hooked up to powerful trucks, all with out of state plates…
Jason sat on the hard little seats for over 6 hours while horse after horse went through. Bidding on this one, having to pass on that one, it was quite nerve wracking for him. He is not use to going to auctions alone, but he managed somehow.

In the end Jason, spent more money than has been donated for February auctions, but he saved 10 lives. We know that we can count on you to help fund the auction rescues! Roseville Livestock Auction is next Sunday, and so far for the month we are about $200 in the negative. Please help and donate what you can! Click here.

We rescued 1 little black donkey today. A known KB from Nevada was the only other person that was willing to bid on this poor little guy.

Jason got all the horses into pens with water before heading back over to the motel to crash into bed late, after writing the blog.

We can’t wait to have photo’s and information on all the new horses just as quick as we can.

Again, thank you so much for making the saving of these 10 wonderful equines a reality today. Thankfully we know that at least 10 equines are not making the terrible trip out of the country…

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  1. I can’t imagine going to a auction especially when you see the kb’s there. I think that I would have to stay at the motel too, my mouth would get me in trouble with the kb’s.

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