Thanks to your generosity, there is only $2,745 left to go! Our goal is to have $5,000 raised for the rescue and care of auction horses by February the 8th. Please help however you can, if you have no extra money right now to donate, perhaps after checking money market rates online and investing, you can help by spreading the word. We put a countdown timer on the auction page so that at a glance you can see how much longer we have to raise the funds.

An update on Adrian from her foster home. Her foster home reports: “Just wanted to update you & share some photos from today of Adrian. She is doing fantastic. As each day comes and goes, she is really coming out of her shell. Adrian is an amazing little girl and has added another element of LOVE to our family.” Thank you so much Kim and Rico for enriching Adrians life and giving her so much love.


This morning the people who were inters ted in the donkey that was rescued last Sunday came out and fell in absolute love with him. Tawnee got on the phone, and soon they were approved and were able to adopt him. They couldn’t take him directly home today, as they want to make sure everything is perfect for him. Tawnee took him to the vet to be gelded, he will be picked up directly from the vet. His adopters are paying to have him gelded! Thank you guys so much for giving him such a great home. His adopters have declared his name to be Clarence.


After the donkey’s adopters left, Ann arrived with a friend to pick up her last two girls, the two TB mares that were surrendered to the euthanasia clinic, but Ann generously stepped forward to give them a home.

Soon they were loaded up and on their way. Ann reports that Gypsy and Freya are doing great, and she is so excited to take her last two girls home.

After Ann was on her way, Tawnee loaded big silver to take horses to the vet. The stallions and Clarence needed to be gelded, and three mares needed to be pregnancy checked. One of the horses that we got from the auction was mysteriously lame today, so Tawnee loaded her up for a lameness exam. Last but not least, Inky was loaded up into the trailer as well.

While Tawnee was heading out to the vet some visitors were arriving. Hartford wrapped himself around these peoples heartstrings. They fell so far in love with him that they have placed him into adoption pending.

You should remember the volunteers that enjoy cleaning out the stalls. Well, they were out again for more of the fun stall cleaning. They donated some more feed and bedding, and the little girl had a wad of money to donate! Macho Man is just her favorite horse in the whole world, so she posed with him for her picture. She is 7 years old but has big plans. She is starting her own non-profit foundation to raise money to give to non-profits. What huge plans for a little girl, the seed money has been offered to her by family.

At the vet ultrasounds were underway. It turns out that Aspen is not pregnant, thankfully. It wasn’t too big of a surprise, but she did look a bit pregnant. Candy Cane, who everyone thought for sure was pregnant with her huge bulging belly, well, it turns out she is not pregnant either, she’s just a hefty eater. Every time the vet said “Negative” Tawnee would sigh a sigh of relief, knowing there was not another horse entering the world needlessly.

The TB who was supposedly bred to the fast donkey, showed up negative as well. The vet said it looks like she could have miscarried awhile ago. So, we only have 1 pregnant mare, Honey. Her belly gets bigger and bigger daily it seems. It is a sigh of relief knowing that we are only going to have 1 baby instead of 4.

The mare with sudden lameness from the auction was examined. It was determined that she has a sole abscess and was most likely drugged at the auction to make her appear sound. We had some blood drawn and are having a drug test done to see if she was illegally drugged at the auction. It is illegal to drug your horse at an auction to improve its performance.


From there Tawnee headed up to Home at Last. She was greeted by two beautiful horses standing in the sun. Any guesses on who they are?

They are two of the horses from the Lucky 7 group. The little white Arab mare has made a remarkable recovery. She was deathly thin when we rescued her, and she had 10′ of impaction in her colon. She is doing so well now!

And the bay is Cajun, the stallion from the Lucky 7 group, who is now a gelding. He looks like a completely different horse now. It’s always so wonderful seeing such emaciated horses making such a full recovery.

Home at Last is Inky’s forever home. She was unloaded and met her new mini-mule friends. First they all ran around, but then they all settled in and are quite happy together.

Then Tawnee took a quick look around at some of the other horses at Home at Last that came from us. There is Daisy, the poor blind Appy, and Levi, her seeing eye horse, who also came from us.

These two mules and the poor swayed back paint also were rescued by us, and are enjoying a forever home together.

Pilgrim got the last word in. He came from a Fallon feedlot, skinny and lame. Now he is fat, happy and still lame. But he sure is enjoying life now.

Tawnee headed back to the vet to pick up the 4 horses that had been examined to bring them back to the rescue.

She arrived about nightfall, unloaded the horses and said “Goodnight” to everyone.

While in town Tawnee got the mail and she was more than surprised to get a check from SaveMart / Foodmax. Remember the SHARE cards? They seem to be doing some good! The check was for almost $80, thanks to all of you who swipe your cards while you shop.

If you would like a shares card, please email us your mailing address, but please be honest and only ask for one if you actually want to use it. If you have a family member or friend that would like to use one, you can ask for more than one. They are valid at SaveMart, Lucky, FoodMaxx and S-mart. All you have to do is shop, hand them your card, and 3% of your purchase goes to the rescue. Every $100 you spend is $3 for the rescue. It really adds up!

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  1. That little girl and Macho Man are too cute! Macho Man reminds me of my beagle mix with his legs stretched out like that-LOL.I about cried looking at the before and after shots of Cajun and the white mare, WOW what a difference!

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