We have wonderful news this evening! Thanks to your extremely generous donations today, $900.00 has been raised since yesterdays blog! We cannot thank each one of you enough. There is still $1,795 left to raise, but, we get an average of 500 visitors a day on our website, if each one of you donated just $3.59, the goal would be met tomorrow. We can all do this together! Only 3 days until the auction. It was raining off and on today, so a lot of office work was done. Dottie’s old mommy wanted to see some updated pictures of Dottie, so in addition to feeding and grooming them, Jason took some pictures. Dottie and Macho are inseparable now, not too long ago Dottie was incredibly upset that Macho man was in her life and in her pen. Now she cannot imagine life without him.

Come to find out, there was a mix up at Cowtown auction last Sunday. The wrong paint horse was put in our pen Sunday night, and Monday when we loaded them up somehow we overlooked this one. So, the auction talked to the owner of the wrong horse we brought up, and they offered to sell him to us for what they paid. Now we need a favor however. We really need someone to find a ride for the poor horse at Turlock up to the rescue. Our schedule and funds are tight right now, but he needs to be picked up soon. Anyone willing to give this poor horse a ride? Even to Sacramento, where we have a foster home, would greatly help out! Let us know if you can help, please! We feel so bad having one of our horses sitting down at the auction. At least the facility is in good condition and they assured us that he is being well taken care of.
We had some visitors come out today. They wanted to meet the horses, but since it was down pouring, they hung out in the barn and volunteered to clean up while they were waiting for the rain to stop.

The rain was still falling when Pastor Larry, who adopted our little mini-donkey, who he has named Red Dog, came out to visit. He is looking for another therapy horse for his children’s ministry. Tawnee started bringing out some of the new horses and pointing out other horses in the pens that may be of interest. Pastor Larry is still waiting for someone to decide they want a horse wedding at the rescue… Dottie and Macho Man have agreed to be the maid of honor and best man.

Finally the rain let up enough so the visitors headed out of the safety of the barn to visit the horses. They really enjoyed themselves, and the horses really enjoyed getting to know them as well.

Tawnee showed various horses to Pastor Larry, but none quite fit the temperament that he is looking for right now. He assured us he will be back. Look forward to seeing you! Thanks for making a donation today with your visit, we really appreciate it.

After visiting the horses for awhile, the visitors started cleaning stalls again. We really appreciate it when visitors don’t mind helping with the not-so-glamours chores.

It sure is nice that we are getting rain off and on again. But, despite how much we love the rain, let’s hope the weather holds clear for this coming auction.

Thank you so much for your support, both financially and emotionally.

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  1. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but in my February issue of the Paint Horse Journal, there is a story about your euthanasia clinics and gelding clinics.The word is certainly getting out! Thank you for all you do for the horses!

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