Shadow’s Rescue Story

Shadow came to us July 14th, 2005, as an owner surrender. We were told he was a TB stallion, a little thin. When he arrived, a gaunt, thin horse, with lacerations covering his body stepped off the trailer. The women that surrendered him, from what we can gather, had been using him for breeding and used him for illegal racing.

We treated his wounds and made him as comfortable as we could. The women that surrendered him gave us a brief history on him. As a 3 year old he was sold for $7000.00 with a down payment of $3000.00. The person who bought him disappeared with Shadow and never finished paying. For about 8 years he lived through horrible abuse and neglect, being put in with stallions and a mare so they could see horse fighting, being beaten, living in horrible conditions, and much more. The poor guy had been through so much! He had old scars covering his body from the stallion fighting he had been forced to endure. In 1997 there was terrible flooding where Shadow was living, and he had been washed away in the flood, was caught in some debris, and injured his hoof, along with numerous injuries to his body, bringing even more scars to mar his beautiful body. He had a terrible scar across his hoof, but upon examination we were told he was fine and it was just an old scar that would not cause him pain. This poor boy was the most scarred horse we have ever had. In the first photo you can see one of the big scars on his face.

By the 26th of July he had been gelded by our vet and was we could begin to see his weight gain.

By Agust 25th, he looked like a different horse. All he really needed some vet care and great food and he pulled right out of it, but the scars are there for life. His fast recovery proved to us that his owner was simply not caring for him, and obviously was not feeding him the amount of food he needed.

Shortly after the above photo, Shadow found a very loving home. He left our rescue having found someone willing to return his love. Through his horrible life of abuse, he never stopped hoping that there were people that would love him. And he finally found us. It’s always so amazing when we come across these horses that have been so abused, but still have love to give again.

Last year the lady who surrendered Shadow to us back in 2005 came to us wanting to adopt a horse. We remembered her and we said “No!” We processed her application anyway, and Animal Control agreed that she should not have any horses. It’s surprising that she would have come to us looking for a horse, knowing we were the ones that had to rehab her old horse and finally give him the love he had spent his life looking for.

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  1. Some people amaze me that they have enough nerve or are just ignorant and don’t realize they have been cruel to animals.I’m sure glad they didn’t get another time to abuze another horse.

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