Today was a sick day for both Jason and Tawnee. They were both severely under the weather and only did what had to be done. Including feeding and caring for the horses, keeping the website updated and now writing the shorter than normal blog.

A big Thank You to all those who generously contributed to the Euthanasia and Gelding clinics today. The match is still on for the gelding and euthanasia clinics, so every $10 donated turns into $20! The euthanasia clinic is currently at $1,359.00 and the gelding clinic is currently at $1,730.00.
The cows returned for a visit today. They must really want to live at the rescue! They really enjoyed wandering around visiting the horses. They visited just about everywhere they could, round pen, Mare Motel, horse stock and everywhere else.

Claire worked diligently on emails and phone calls today. She’s a bit behind on the emails, but be patient, she will get to you soon!

The rescued donkey’s sure are enjoying good food and bedding. They sure are cute and oh so adorable.

The cows took no time at all to discover the hay trailer and sneak some bites. They seemed to mostly enjoying cleaning up the feed that had fallen on the ground, so no harm was done.

We earnestly hope that Jason and Tawnee get back to work very soon! Jason reports that he should be good enough to work tomorrow, Tawnee just moans and rolls her eyes at the thought of work.

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