We are well over halfway to the goal of $2,500 for the February Euthanasia Clinic, thanks only to your generosity and understanding in this great mission of mercy. The matching fund is still available, please help how you can!

First thing this morning Hartford’s adopters came to visit the sweet guy, get to know him better, and make sure that he was the one to live with them forever. They had placed a hold on him and waited patiently for the adoption application process to be finished.

Since we’ve been tagging the horses, the adopters get to take their ID tag as an adoption memento. She sure doesn’t look like she could be much happier with her decision to adopt Hartford!

Then, it was time to get him to agree to get in the trailer. He was a good boy and soon they were off to have grand adventures together.

After Hartford was on his way, Jason and Ron loaded up 2 stallions to take to the vet for their gelding operations. This guy really didn’t want to get into the trailer, but with some encouragement he hopped in.

The little mini was a little confused about why he was in the trailer again, but he was in good spirits.

Ron was heading off to pick up an abandoned horse that was dumped on a ladies pasture. Jason was on his way to the vet, so they played follow the leader halfway to town.

Jason arrived safely at the vet and unloaded the little mini into his beautiful stall, and then gave him the man to man talk about being gelded.

The little guy actually had the nerve to think Jason was joking and laugh at him! Well, as Jason says, “The jokes gon’a be on him!”

While at the vet Jason also picked up the last two stallions that were taken out there to be gelded. It was a two for two day. We had a potential adopter holding their breath to make sure his gelding would be successful. Thanks to the skillful work of our vet, his gelding procedure was quite successful and he is now in adoption pending.

This boy was also gelded out at the vet. Unlike how his picture looks, he still has plenty of spice and vinegar in his veins. He’ll calm down soon enough though.

By the time Jason got the horses unloaded, Ron was backing up with the abandoned horse.

She is a young mare, supposed to be around two. She leads ok, but she needs some ground up training.

Ok, now for a task for you our blog readers. We have had a lot of beautiful horses in the rescue over the years, but this color has stumped us. Is there a name for her coloring? We’ve never had one in the rescue with this color. She has no dorsal stripe, her mane and tail are a deep brownish red, as are her legs. Tawnee did a bit of research from her sick bed, and maybe this color is called Amber? We’re not sure, but please let us know your best educated guess!

Tawnee rested really hard today and hopefully tomorrow she’ll be back to work. She reports she is feeling better than she did this morning.

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  1. Being so young – perhaps she has not finished with her color change. Perhaps the Champagne Registry can help?

  2. I do not think that she is a Grulla. Here is the definition of a Grulla: “Grulla, Grullo or Blue Dun: A black horse with the dun gene. Coat is solid “mouse-colored” gray or silver with black or dark gray dun factors.”I do not see any black on her.

  3. Nope not a grulla if she has red legs. I think champagne is right. Who knows what she will look like when she is bathed and clipped.

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