Thank you everyone so much for your donations to the euthanasia clinic. We are almost there, and we still have 6 days left. However, we still need $644. There is still a matching donation fund available, so we only need $322 donated! We can all do this easily, please help however you feel impressed to.
We just finally got the pictures from Ron’s trip to Washington to pick up 3 Arabians last weekend. Some sweet, kind and loving folks were just getting to elderly to care for all their horses, and after thoroughly researching us (including calling our vet and farrier) they chose us to continue the care of some of their horses and they trust us to find the best possible homes for them. We really appreciate it when people love their horses so much, they are willing to check out a rescue they are considering sending their horses too. You don’t know how many times we tell people “Please, check out where your horses are going!” Ron took his big 6 horse trailer, pictured below, so there would be plenty of room for them. FYI, Ron has decided to sell this trailer, he almost never uses it, and he prefers to use their smaller trailer. He has offered to donate a portion of the sale to the rescue if we can find a buyer. It is a 1994 30′ Travalong goosneck 6 horse slant load trailer, with a Tack / Dressing room in the front. Let us know if you’re interested, he is asking $10,000 obo.

Back to the horses, the 3 horses were trailered down partway, saving Ron about 2 hours of driving time. They were transferred into Ron’s trailer with no trouble and made the journey back south. Due to the big auction rescues we have had in the last couple weeks, the 3 horses are being fostered at Ron and Claire’s until we find some of our horses some homes.

Hershey, bad boy Hershey, now renamed Napoleon for his ways of winning wars against humans, was returned today. He sent his poor adopter, who was an extremely qualified adopter, to the hospital multiple times. Thankfully she’s still alive and it appears no permanent damage was done. She spent hundreds of dollars taking Napoleon to trainers, but unfortunately all the training, all the time, and all the love did not break through to him. He can be perfectly fine, and then mentally snaps. After yet another serious accident recently, she felt that she could no longer risk her life, and the lives of those around her, having Napoleon. Thankfully no humans were killed in his random insanity.

Jessie came out in the pouring rain to volunteer. She was the only volunteer that braved the elements, thank you so much! She did great, and now the mare motel sparkles. Fresh bedding all around and everyone is happy. Thank you so much for coming out on such a miserable cold wet day Jessie!

Well the mystery color coat still seems to be a mystery. Most people suggest Grulla, we don’t think it quite matches but, thanks for all your ideas, links and information. We still haven’t quite nailed what it is? She has been placed in adoption pending, and we will be processing their application shortly to ensure that she’ll have a loving forever home. When she sheds out we’ll have to post updated photo’s of her!

Tawnee felt good enough to play photographer in the many lakes and streams around the rescue this afternoon. Is she really great or is she still learning?

Before late evening, while the sun was still providing enough light for everyone to see, Ron swung by to pick up three horses that will be heading to their new homes tomorrow. They will be spending the night in a convenient pen at Ron and Claire’s, nice and plush, and tomorrow they will head out on a new adventure at their new homes. The horses that are heading out are Red Eye, Jolly and Bubba. Bubba is a pretty lucky little guy, his family spent about $5,000 getting everything ready for him: new barn, new fencing, etc. He’ll be a spoiled little guy! So, one of the funniest looking little pony’s is going to live in the lap of luxury.
Tawnee worked on the weekly E-news. We haven’t pushed “Send” yet, but you can read it by clicking here.

When Tawnee uploaded the blog photo’s she made a mistake she’s never done before, she pressed “Publish” instead of “Save” before any text was typed out. Someone was no doubt puzzled by the 1/2 hour mistake, but, we know you’ll understand, we’re still only humans.

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