Thank you thank you THANK YOU! The February Euthanasia Clinic has reached its goal of $2,500 early. We could not have continued this mission of mercy without your support. Thank you again!
And, thanks to your generous support today, the gelding clinic is at $2,256. This leaves us with only $244 left, with the matching donation program, that leaves only $122 left to raise. This can certainly be finished up by this weekend. Please remember that this program is cutting the problem of horses that can’t find a home at the source. A side note, we received quite a number of unmarked Paypal donations recently, as the Auction Rescue fund and the Euthanasia Clinic fund have both been finished, we put them into the gelding fund so that we can take advantage of the generous donation match. If you would like your donation to go to a specific fund, please make a note of that in your donation or drop us an email at the time of donation.

It is so nice to see these fund raisers are being completed, we certainly could not have done it without your help and support. A special big “Thank You!” goes to Georgia W for donating $500 towards the hay fund today. That is the one item that seems to always be disappearing at rapid rates of speed. As you know, Jason has been working on the 2008 990 form, and the total hay bill for 2008 was an average of $66 a day. We greatly appreciate donations for hay, this years average is probably going to be closer to $150-$200 a day, depending on how much it goes down with the spring cutting.

You all no doubt remember Napoleon. About 5 minutes after his horror story was posted last night, the phone was ringing. “I really relate to that guy” came the voice on the other end that we know well “I will sponsor him at your rescue the rest of his life. He needs to be at a place where he feels safe.” So, Napoleon will become a long term resident thanks to the generous lifetime sponsorship for him. What an amazing act of generosity. You’re a beautiful boy Napoleon, and we are so glad that we will be able to financially keep you here forever.

Ann came out today for a few hours and helped out where she could. Clair was helping her get things done, so some of your phone calls could have been a bit raspy and she didn’t get a whole lot of the emails written. Here Ann is getting some of the loose hay from the round bales to feed some of the different horses while Clair talks on the phone.

As you can tell, it’s getting even more beautiful and green. Dottie and Macho Man enjoyed their daily romp through the fields.

Ron was out making happy memories as he delivered the 3 horses to their new forever homes. Bubba is a very happy little pony as he snuggled up to his new mommy. He is a very lucky guy with brand new fencing, graveled mud free pen, and a nice new barn.

Jolly was delivered to her new home as well today. Her adopter came to us looking for a horse to love and spoil. When she met Jolly she fell madly head over heals in love with her. She called multiple times a day to check on her adoption application, to see how Jolly was doing, and to let us know she was very excited. She just couldn’t wait until Jolly could come home. And today was the day!

Red Eye is a happy boy tonight too. His adopters came to the rescue and fell in love with this sweet boy. They all sure look like they couldn’t smile any bigger!

While Tawnee was on an extended interview with one of the nations largest newspapers, Jason snuck away from tax season long enough to get some work done outside making sure everyone was happy and well fed. Tawnee didn’t notice anything happening until it was too late to snap a picture.

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