Saaba’s Rescue Story

Saaba was rescued by Merced County Animal Control (MCAC) in February of 2007. She was very emaciated, pregnant and still nursing her starving foal. She had watched her fellow friends and the sire of her foals slowly starve to death one by one. Their owner had no pity for them and could care less that his horses were suffering and slowly starving to death. Saaba was trying to be strong, her foal needed her and she was pregnant with another. It was all so hard on her, her unborn foal taking everything it could to stay alive and on the outside world her starving foal trying to get all that he could get to stay alive as well. She was so weak that she often had to lay down to rest and try to regain some strength. Then, one time she tried to get up and she found that her body was too weak to do so. As she laid there she knew that her time was coming near. She had seen the same thing happen to her fellow friends and no one came to help them, they laid down, suffered and died; now it was her time.

She watched her poor skinny foal and wondered if the same thing would happen to him, but help was on the way. Concerned people had reported them to Animal Control and they went out to investigate. MCAC staff were horried at Saaba and her colts, along with the other few survivng horses, condition. They helped Saaba to her feet and then took them all to safety. Saaba finally started getting the feed and medical treatment she and her foal so badly needed.

Saaba was placed in a pen by herself near her foal. She started regaining her strength and slowly gained her weight back. The other surviving horses that were impounded with Saaba regained their weight easily, but Saaba would take a lot of TLC to get her up to weight through pregnancy, birth and nursing. We were notified that there were horses at MCAC and we contacted MCAC and told them that we would be willing to take the horses if they would be interested in placing them in a horse rescue. After checking us out, they called us back and said that they would be very happy if we could take Saaba and her foal into our rescue.

We made the long trip to pick them up and bring them to the rescue. She was still very thin but they had done a great job at rehab. One thing that really helped out is they had weaned her colt so she no longer had to nurse.

Saaba was skinny and ribby, but she had a big belly so we agreed with MCAC’s assessment that she very likely was pregnant.

Saaba had a very beautiful colt named Lexen. He recovered from his brush with death very well.

She had been here for only 1 1/2 months when the following picture was taken. Saaba was gaining her weight back very well. She had a lot more energy, we loved watching her prancing around. During feeding time she would always get so happy. It’s hard to think that she was only hours away from dying.
Lexen, her 10 month old foal, was adopted into a wonderful home. Saaba was sad to see him go, but she has been rejoined with two of her surviving pasture mates who MCAC when Saaba was seized. He was filled out and quite a beautiful boy.

Around this time Saaba was running around a lot, and her big baby belly seemed to be disappearing. We took her to our vet for yet another examination and an ultrasound, and the ultrasound showed that she was not pregnant. Most likely one of the times when she was turned out into the 20 acre pasture she had miscarried.

She was definitely feeling happy and carefree. She would gallop around the rescue in the large pens, tail up, head up, with the wind blowing between her ears. She was only hours away from starving to death, but thanks to concerned individuals who were brave enough to report her, she is alive and well.

Saaba was adopted with one of her friends that was seized by MCAC. Her adopter fell in love with them and they went to a wonderful loving home.

Saaba’s colt is also doing great. He is now in training, he is getting to know what all the ground work is all about.

Please, if you ever see a horse, or any animal, you believe needs help, do not hesitate to call Animal Control. Saaba needed someone to make the call, someone did, and today she is alive thanks to that brave person. Many times you have to call multiple times, but in the end, it is well worth it.

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