We are pleased to announce that the gelding clinic fundraising is almost finished. It is currently at $2,356, with only $144 left to raise. With the generous donation matching program, that only leaves $77. We can do it!
We got a great update from Ebony and Sienna’s adoptive home. “The girls are doing great – it warms my heart to hear them sweet talking me (nicker) every time they see me. They seem to love it here with me and I love having them. As for Ebony – you’d never believe it – her first day here it was like she’s a different horse – she just loves me – she follows me around, puts her head down for her halter and puts her face up against mine just to cuddle – she just loves attention from everyone – she’s not the same shy little thing I thought she was – she’s an absolute doll, very intelligent, curious about everything and so willing to learn. Sienna has been the more “shy” of the two by far but is coming along. She is also very intelligent and beautiful. She is the talker of the two – every time she sees me she let’s out a loud welcoming nicker and runs up to see me – probably because I always have apples which they LOVE. Surprisingly neither of them will touch carrots which made me question whether or not they are truly horses… Haha.”

First thing this morning found Jason bundled up dragging hay bales into the 20 acre pasture. Everywhere is running water and mud. As you can tell, we are having a lot of rain. The little tractor sure does an amazingly great job of getting the hay into the pens where it quickly gest eaten up.

On Friday Tawnee brought back the two boys from the vet. The paint was gelded successfully, but the vet believes the mini has already been gelded as he has the scar in the right spot. The little mini needed to get his feet done, so Ron and Tawnee got him all done up nice. He is going to be ready to head to his new home soon.

You may very well be bored of reading about cows. Well, we are tired of having them hang around too. Tawnee was updating horses on Petfinder, when she glanced up she saw a black back go past the office window. Her first thought was “A horse is loose!” but when she stood up, there was a cow.

Girandole was adopted today. He was the horse that was not supposed to come up from the Cowtown auction. He was successfully gelded and headed off on his new adventure today. They have adopted from us before, and have been looking for another horse to add to their family. When they saw Girandole, they fell in love at first sight. We told them to do some hard praying that he would be geldable, as only 1 testicle was present, and we are pleased to report that his gelding was successful and the vet got both of them.

The adoption papers were signed, and Ron prepared to transport him to his home. Girandole just had to say 1 last goodbye to Dottie.

Ron delivered him up to his home where he is settling in nicely. The big buckskin in one of the horses they have adopted from us. He is in his 30’s now and doing great.

When Buck (the buckskin) first came to us, he was a skinny, sad old guy. But now, thanks to the love that they have given him, he has truly blossomed. We know that they will take as good care of Girandole as they have of Buck.

Despite it being a cold, dreary day, there were quite a few folks braving the wind and the rain visiting the horses. Gingles was brought out of his pen for them to visit, they were approved to adopt and came out to see all of the available horses today. Macho Man looked like a drowned rat, but he had a lot of fun running around today.

She fell head over heals in love with Gingles and is so excited to be adopting him. He is such a sweet boy, and it is so neat seeing him go to someone who is so excited to be adopting him.

Dib’s family came out to bring him home today. Since it wasn’t an auction day Tawnee was able to be here and meet the people who were the vital link in rescuing Ranger and Sweety. They are truly wonderful folks and they will give Dib the best home possible.

Soon Dib was all blanketed and ready to make the trip back. He hopp
ed right into the trailer with Tawnee’s guidance and away they went.

While Dib was being loaded, Dottie decided that she was not getting enough attention. She thought that if she rolled in the mud, maybe that would be the key to getting more attention through a long grooming.

It worked because we started taking pictures. Soon she was up, a muddy muddy mess. As you can imagine, after the mud fest no one was too interested in petting her.

We would like to take a minute to thank Amber for coming out today, despite the cold, wet windy day, she braved the elements to come out and help. She is not in the blog, because she was taking the blog photo’s a lot of the time. Thank you so much! Amber has become a new mommy: she adopted Jazzy today. Tawnee insisted in getting a picture taken of Amber and Jazzy, but, Amber wanted to keep her trend up for no pictures of the day, so she said it will have to wait until next Sunday. Thanks so much for giving Jazzy a great home!
After everything settled down outside, Tawnee got to work on the computer. She has successfully uploaded each and every available horse onto Petfinder. You can see them all on our available page, click here.

We have about 40 horses that need homes, please help spread the word! If you know someone that may know someone that is looking for a horse, please send them our way.

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