Our hearts are humbled as we announce that all of the funds have been raised for the gelding clinic. We cannot thank you enough for helping us prevent the source of the horse slaughter pipeline: babies with no home. So far 11 stallions have been gelded thanks to your donations, and the others have already been signed up.
It was pouring buckets full of water today, just a real downpour pretty much all day. The mare motel was the central point of activity today. Unbelievably enough, there were a lot of people that braved the downpour to come visit the horses yet again today. While Tawnee was in the mare motel Lakota was sniffing her back, so she turned around and grabbed a picture, nice horsey kiss. Yes, we love you too Lakota!

One of the visitors who came out this morning helped feed in the mare motel. All the donkey’s are coming around so well and are getting friendly and happy to see people. At the auction they were so standoffish and leery of people. Now, when someone stands near their pen, they feel little mouths trying to find treats in their pockets. Victory the donkey is still so so skinny, but is certainly getting stronger by the day.

Honey, the pregnant gal, has been hanging out in the mare motel for awhile as her due date is coming near. We are giving her lots of special feeds, but she’s having a hard time getting her weight back up. We had a new volunteer come out today, among lots of other things she gave Honey a nice long grooming.

We’ve had a lot of interest in the horses since Tawnee got them up on Petfinder yesterday. There are a lot of adoption pendings coming in, so far Smokey, Cruiser, Clifford and Big Blue have been placed in adoption pending. Along with all the adoption pendings, adoption applications have been pouring in. We are working very hard to get all the applications processed to make sure that the matches are made to last.
The family who adopted Midnight Cowgirl came out today to see Pluto as they were quite intrigued by him.

Thankfully the rain had let up and she was able to take Pluto out for a walk. Somewhere along the way on the walk they fell in love. She is so excited about him and is well qualified to get him trained, and give him all the love and treats he wants. Adoption papers were signed, Tawnee is going to take him to the vet on Wednesday to be gelded, and from the vet he goes directly home.

We have a seasonal creek at the rescue. It’s kind of funny seeing a water trough in the creek, there’s certainly no need to fill it up these days! We just wish the creek was here in the middle of summer, that sure would be fun.

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