An update on Victory. We are sorry to inform you that she unfortunately lost her valiant battle, and despite all of our efforts and the efforts of our vet, she passed on peacefully. We apologize that this was not in yesterday’s blog, she passed on early Wednesday morning. She was such a sweet donkey, and we are glad that she was able to know that humans love her and she did not have to be afraid any more. We miss you!

This morning Jason hooked up the trailer and Tawnee headed out to the vet. It was so nice to see another beautiful day with clear skies. Today was another day of evaluations for the horses that came to the clinic, and to give each one love, reassuring them that they are truly loved and will be missed.

Ron had headed out early in the morning to pick up 3 horses that were surrendered to us.

Soon after arriving the horses were all loaded up and he hit the road once again.

Claire spent the morning writing emails and talking on the phone. Before we knew it, Ron was back with the 3 horses. This black one is named Sadie, a 25 year old Morgan mare that is suffering from ringbone and an old fracture. We will be assessing her to determine her quality of life.

Surenity is a 10 year old Arab mare. The note says “She spent 6 months with a trainer, she needs an experienced rider.”

Gemeni is a 15 year old Tennessee Walker gelding. His note says “No formal training with gaits.”

Tawnee took Dancing Drum out to the vet this morning, she had received an injury in Turlock on her leg and it was not getting any better, and appeared to be getting worse. This was the second evaluation our vet has done on her. The first time she went to the vet she had a visual inspection and an ultrasound.

During her examination today Xrays were taken, and it was determined she has a very small fracture, but she walks on it just fine. At this point it is not causing her discomfort, the scrape has become somewhat infected.

Her leg was wrapped, we were given some medicine for her, and she came back to the rescue to recover. Hopefully she mends up well!

Tawnee was thrilled to see another gorgeous sunset after all the rain and clouds. She snapped this after stopping alongside the road to admire the beautiful sunset.

We are glad that you enjoyed Lippy Conner’s video. We are planning on making some more very soon.

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