Too much happened today to feature a rescue story, so we will just share the days events instead.

Tawnee was walking Peanut along, she needed to get something from the tack room so she stepped inside to grab it. To Tawnee’s surprise he jumped right in the tack room behind her. She just had to get a picture of the little guys tail hanging out in the tack room.

The horses have been enjoying the break in the rain. They are so glad the ground is getting dry and the sun is shining.

Diane came today to pick up Montana. She had transported him for us from the Turlock auction and had fallen in love with him. Her and her husband just had to take him home and love him forever. They were waiting to be approved, and today they were good to go. She came up to pick up Montana, Tawnee had the adoption paperwork ready.

Diane said “Well, anything you want me to do? Like clean stalls? I’m here!” Tawnee was amazed, most adopters are not interested in cleaning stalls, they know they will be doing enough when they get home. Tawnee said “Sure, the Mare motel needs cleaning.”

As Tawnee was looking towards the Mare Motel, something caught her eye. There was a cow looking as if it was getting ready to hop into Diane’s trailer. There are a lot of cows this year, they are all over the roads, the entire area seems to be flooded with cows. Diane said she saw quite a few on the roads, and it seems every day there are cows on the road. If you are coming out to the rescue, please be careful and watch out for cows.

Diane went to work cleaning stalls.

We recieved a whole bunch of donated feed today. We always appreciate it when people bring feed, it is the one thing we use a lot of.

Jason had to make 3 trips with the four wheeler to get it all into the tack room.

Tawnee discovered that some of the horses were missing. She found a spot in the fence where the cows (of course) pushed the fencing down, letting our horses out into the 3,000 acre pasture. Jason headed out on the quad to find the horses. After a short while he found them. So, he came back to the rescue, picked up Tawnee, and off they went to get them.

There they were, Napoleon was one of them, no doubt the instigator of the bunch. When we came up to them on the 4 wheeler he looked at us like “So, hi, how ya like my new spread?”

Tawnee had treats and soon they were all in love with her.

Tawnee hopped up on Rose and off they all went.

It was a beautiful day for a ride, too bad a ride wasn’t in the days plans. Sometimes though, fate makes you take a break from working and just go ride.

Finally, the Mare Motel looked fabulous. Thanks Diane, you did a great job! Then it was time for Montana to load up. So she backed up to the breezeway of the Mare Motel in case Montana decided to try running away. We’re so glad she will give him such a wonderful home.

He was a good boy and went right in. Cocoa was hanging out in the Mare Motel breezeway, and after Montana was loaded she decided it was her turn. Diane had asked if she could foster her, and we decided it would be a good plan so Cocoa could have a lot of one on one time. She needs some extra TLC.

She went into the trailer with no help or coaxing from humans. She just walked in like she knew she was supposed to.

Paster Larry came out to adopt Peanut, renamed Gunsmoke, and while he was out he fell in love with Rose. So, he took two horses home. Thanks so much for giving them such a wonderful home. Rose will be used in his youth ministry.

Have a great weekend!

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