This blog starts Friday night at approximately 10:35 pm. NER founders Jason and Tawnee were almost asleep when the phone rang: “Hi it’s your neighbour, I was driving home and I saw a loose horse on the paved part of Dunstone.” Like a flash, Jason and Tawnee headed into action. Jason hooked up the trailer while Tawnee grabbed a bucket of grain, lead rope and halter from the tack room. By 10:47 the rig was pulling out. 12 minute response time for a Friday night seems pretty reasonable to us. The neighbours jumped in the truck to help find the horse again since they were the last ones that had seen it.

Driving along the road in the dark, suddenly they saw the horse in the headlights.

Tawnee got out of the truck and the horse disappeared into the darkness and headed into someones yard.

After Tawnee let the caretakers know what she was doing stumbling around their property in the dark, she got permission to keep stumbling around to find the loose horse. Soon she had him eating out of a grain bucket and secured with a lead rope. The caretakers were unable to identify the horse, the owner of the property was gone, but Tawnee figured out the horse likely was in its own yard as another horse still in a pen seemed to be bonded to it and kept whinnying and whinnying.

Tawnee put both horses in separate stalls so they would be safe and closed the doors. She did not want to leave the horses in the pasture as obviously something was wrong with the fencing. After the horses were safely put away they all headed back to bed. It’s always a good feeling when a horse has been in danger to walk away and know that you may have saved that horses life, and it is now safe.

Sunday morning, this morning, started off wet, cold and muddy. And during the day it only got more wet. Rain was dripping off of everything it could drip off of.

Jason was busy dragging round bales around, feeding horses, moving horses around, and generally keeping busy.

We were not entirely surprised, but were amazed, to see Deb driving down the hill in the pouring rain. What dedication! Shortly after Deb arrived Jessie came out for her first official day of volunteering. Wow, two volunteers on a day like today.

The two little donkey’s, Angelito and William, are becoming quite the sweet little boys. At the auction they were terrorized of people, now they just stand there and let people play with them. They have mellowed out enough that we were able to worm them today. We were met with looks of disgust, hopefully they will forgive us.

Dottie and Macho Man were hanging out in their pen under the shelter watching the rain fall.

Everyone seemed to be tolerant of the rain as it fell all day long. All that is except one, Lippy Conner had something to say something about the rain…


About this time a horse trailer pulled in, with a horse that was too much for its owner to handle. At times, for seemingly no good reason, she goes into a mindless panicked flight, hurting herself and others in the process. She sure is a pretty girl, but her owners feel they can no longer give her the care she needs to keep herself and others safe. With all the rain pouring down water was inching its way down into the mare motel. Jason got to work with the tractor and got more drainage ditches installed.

Ron was out doing a pickup of three horses who’s owner had died. Their owner had made no arrangements for them. The sad thing is, she never taught them to lead, or gave them any training of any kind. The person who was caring for them could no longer care for them, and called us for help. We explained all of our options, and she agreed that to send the horses to us would be the best for all involved. Ron headed up to pick them up today. He managed to get a halter on one of them and gave her her first leading lesson. He managed to get her into the trailer and the others follow on in.

The rain was still pouring as Ron came down the hill. Deb looked like a drenched rat.

Ron backed up the round pen, opened the trailer door, and out they came.

The camera lens from here on out looks a little blurry from all the water on it. They are all very pretty horses, but they need homes where they can be given training from the very beginning. There is a 5 year old gelding and a couple younger mares.

Back in the mare motel rain was blowing sid
eways into Honey’s pen. We just can’t let our pregnant girl get soaked. Deb and Jessie hung a tarp up to keep Honey dry.

Honey didn’t seem to mind the new decoration, and after the tarp was up Jessie gave her a nice grooming to let her know that everything was still ok.

Finally everyone in the mare motel was snug and comfy with their clean shavings and nice food. Angel and Mr T, the goats, were hanging in the mare motel out of the rain.

Even Jack found a nice place under a bunch of shavings to wait out the storm. He might be waiting a long time, the 10 day forcast is nothing but rain…

Deb and Jessie disappeared for awhile, Tawnee was beginning to think they were gone for good. But then they were back, along with a truckload of hay. When asked who paid for it, they said it was free, and left it at that. Thanks so much for the free feed!

Our baby pen had a river running through it from the runoff. Jessie had 2 empty stalls at her place and offered the baby’s a comfortable place to hang out until the rain is done. They all worked hard getting the baby’s into the trailer.
Soon they were all loaded, they grabbed some shavings and hay and headed off.

They arrived at Jessie’s place, and unloaded the bewildered little horses into the clean, dry comfortable barn.

They all liked their new quarters very much. They put them all into one large stall for the night so they can get used to their new temporary home without feeling scared and alone. Tomorrow they will be separated into additional stalls.

Last but not least we were forced to upgrade our Quickbooks so we are placing our old one on Ebay. All of the funds will be used for the horses. It is Quickbooks Premier 2006 Nonprofit version. We had to upgrade since Jason recently got a new computer with Vista and this version of Quickbooks does not work with Vista. Click here for the Ebay auction. If you know of a nonprofit that needs financial software, this is a great opportunity to save some money and get a great program.

Soon we will have the antique typewriter up for auction. Click here to see one on Ebay just like ours, except ours does not have rust. Ours will be starting at what we paid for it: $15. Hopefully, it is a great fundraiser and will greatly benefit the horses.

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