Today for your bidding pleasure is a very old, very cute, very good condition Smith-Corona typewriter from circa 1935. You all should remember reading when Tawnee found this antique typewriter in the local thrift store for $15. It’s worth between $700 and $2000, but the starting bid is only $15, just what we paid for it. Let’s hope this typewriter can feed a lot of rescued horses. Any and all of you that have friends that enjoy antiques, typewriters, or if you just want a good conversation piece, take a close look. Spread the word too! Click here to visit the Ebay auction.
This morning found Jason twiddling with the high speed antenna on the shed. It got tweaked when Ron knocked over the computer shed, and Jason has been fiddling with it ever since. With all the bad weather the service seems to go from great to bad. Jason will either get it done or it will become his hobby. In addition to all of his other chores and jobs, he is the rescue’s fix-it guy.

Ron worked on taking down old fencing that came with the place. The nasty 50 year old barbed wire. Yes, we hate barb wire, no, none of the horses are against the barb wire fence line that Ron took down today. We are in the process, weather depending, of refencing it with safe field fencing. The old wire must go!

After Ron got the job done, he headed over to the round pen to work with the 3 black horses that came in yesterday. We wanted them out of the round pen and into a pen with shelter.

The horses were fast learners, and unbelievably enough soon Ron had two of them giving to pressure and leading around the round pen. Two of them seem to be very level headed and really think about what is happening, just plain smart. The other one just wants to do her own wild thing.

So Tawnee and Ron opened the round pen, and soon the horses were off on their first ever walk on a lead line over to their new pen. They did great for a first time.

The mare motel still needed work on drainage. Tawnee had put a temporary bridge over the temporary ditch a long time ago, and with the high rate of precipitation, it just wasn’t quite doing the job. Jason got his muck boots back on and got to work. First he dug the ditch with the tractor, then laid some pipe in it, hand covered part of it…

…and used the tractor for the rest. A couple bucket fulls of what normally would be considered dirt, but is currently wet slurpy mud, and the ditch was full.

A couple of mats were put down, and then they were covered with gravel. It seemed to work great and the job is done.

And, the drainage pipe is doing its job perfectly.

We got to see the sun again this evening. Tawnee seems to enjoy taking pictures of the sunsets, and then insists they make it onto the blog. We hope you enjoy them as much as she does! This is a special sunset though, as we can actually see hope at the end of the storm. It is far from the end of the storm as it is pouring rain once again.

Tawnee worked on an E-news, it should be sent out tomorrow. We didn’t get one out last week as Tawnee’s schedule was just too hectic with the clinic. Claire is still sick so she did not make it in again. She is hoping that tomorrow she can be here.

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