Many of you that have visited the rescue have commented how pretty Blue, Jason and Tawnee’s dog, is. Now you have a chance to vote for Blue in the Bissell MVP pet contest. It would have been really fun to put Dottie and Macho Man on there, but it is geared towards cats and dogs. Click here or on Blue’s picture to vote for her. If Blue wins, Jason and Tawnee’s favorite non-profit would be given a $10,000 donation. And you all know who their favorite non-profit is…

We are pleased to announce that the typewriter is now at $76.00. Click here to see the auction page. Thanks for the bids, there are still 9 days left to go, plenty of time for a bidding war.

Our March Free Euthanasia Clinic fund is currently at $520. We received a very generous $500 donation for it today, thank you so much Gail! Your gift is truly a gift of love. We appreciate every donation, great and small, every dollar really does count. If we could convince every person in the United States to donate just $1 a year, of which almost every person in the US has an extra one of, we could save every horse in Ca, and a whole lot more.

As you know, each year the rescue grows, each year we rescue more horses, each year we need the capacity to house more rescued horses. Tawnee is always keeping her eye out for great deals to benefit the rescue. In Oregon, Mega Custom Correls is offering a 4 stall open aired barn for $3,200 with free setup. With delivery and tractor work to get the ground ready we would need $4,500 total. The really neat thing is, they have a free installation special going on until April, it takes their crew about 3 hours to set it up vs 3 days for NER staff. This would double our current stalls. For reference, the current open aired barn we have cost about $5,000, and it was a special deal and did not include installation. We have been discussing the idea in ernest, and tonight we got the call that launched the fundraiser: a $500 matching donation has been offered for donations towards the open aired barn. Every dollar that is donated is automatically doubled, up to $1000 raised. You can help us get this up! Our goal is to have the funds available by March 15th. Please help out how you can, click here. Please specify in the donation or email us if the donation is for the new barn. Thank you! We will be getting this up on the homepage under Current Needs soon, with a thermometer so you can track the progress.

Jason started the day off by the typical feeding operation. This round bale was put into the 20 acre pen so the horses could all enjoy munching on it.

The sun actually broke through the clouds this morning and it was so bright and sunny Jason thought he might be getting blinded. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a sunny day all day long.

As soon as the chores were done at the rescue Jason and Tawnee headed over to Jamie’s place. The baby’s there all seemed quite content and happy, laying under one of the wings of the barn enjoying the bright sun. They are certainly enjoying their little vacation.

The other reason Jason and Tawnee headed over to Jamie’s was she and her husband graciously donated a 12×12 covered stall! This is a wonderful donation that will be greatly appreciated for years to come.

The stall was at the back part of their property, so Jason drove the truck out there to make it easier to load up. Unfortunately a terrible menace was lurking under the pretty green grass: soft red clay. Would the truck be stuck there until the ground dried out?
There was no way the truck was moving under its own power, every spin of the wheels just made it sink further into the goo.

Thankfully they had a tractor, a nice big 4wd John Deere backhoe. The truck was unhitched from the trailer, and the truck was pulled out in no time at all.

Then it was time to get the trailer turned around. They hooked a chain from the front of the trailer to the tractor and just drove it where it needed to be.
Jason and Jamie’s husband loaded the shelter onto the trailer.

Then the trailer was pulled out onto their driveway. Soon the truck and trailer were hooked up and Jason and Tawnee were off to the rescue.

Back at the rescue it was time to get the shelter up. Claire and Tawnee did the easy work of setting up the sides. No one thought to mention they should square it up…

With some heaving and pulling the sides were together and it was time for the hard work: roofing. That was Jason’s job.

Jason managed to get the roof panels up and bolted down without a huge fuss.

Finally it was all set up, so Jason went around and double checked the nuts and bolts. Fortunately it wasn’t too far out of square, although the roof is a bit crooked, we are confident the horses will not care.

We attached a paneled run onto the stall and opened the door. Clifford is the first horse to take up residency in this stall. He seemed to give his hoof stamp of approval to it.

Tawnee and Jason have been working on an E-news for a couple days, and this evening it was sent out. If you did not get it you can view it by clicking here. Don’t miss out on our e-news, sign up on the left menu bar on our website.

Our hay barn is still waiting to be put up. The county slung a surprise at us and they want it engineered for permitting purposes. Montana’s mommy thought she knew of an engineer, and sure enough, her husband’s buddy is an engineer. He is graciously going to engineer our hay-barn for us, of which we are extremely grateful. Then we’ll get the permit and it will be time to put it up! You’ll definitly be hearing from us for the barn raising day.

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