We are very pleased to bring you this exciting announcement. Remember the folks that like to clean stalls and donate shavings? They just happen to own a great place in Chico to have fun. We have been sitting on our hands trying not to leak this until the date and time could be nailed down, and today arrangements were finalized. We would like to officially invite you, your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, and anyone else that you think would have fun, to come to our first NorCal Equine Rescue Fun Day on June 24th, from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be plenty of fun for the whole family, the list of attractions and fun things to do are just growing by leaps and bounds.

So what’s this all about? Cal Skate in Chico, CA has graciously offered to host our fun day. They have an indoor skating arena, an 18 hole miniature golf course, a batting cage, and a host of other fun things to do. We will have our miniature mascots, Dottie and Macho man, there, along with a photographer, so the little people in your life, or the young at heart, can get their picture taken with the oh so adorable mini’s. We are going to have a free raffle, a silent auction, and a lot of other fundraisers too. This is going to be one day you will most certainly want to take off of work and be there, so let your boss know now. Again that is June 24th, 2009 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Keep an eye peeled on the blog for more announcements regarding this wonderful day of fun in the sun!

We are going to be having a silent auction, and already we have artists donating pictures, pottery, and other nifty items. We are accepting items for the silent auction and the free raffle, if you would like donate something, we would appreciate it very much. You can mail it to our mailing address: NorCal Equine Rescue, P O Box 6108, Oroville Ca 95966 or you can contact us, 530-534-7742 to make other arrangements.

Please click here for Cal Skate’s website.

This is the first of 2 planned fun days this summer, the next involves rafts, a river, and sun sometime in August.
Thanks to your generosity the auction fund is currently at $395.00. Please remember to help spread the word, horses lives at the March Roseville Livestock auction are counting on you. These horses are in jeopardy of being sent to a slaughter house and being brutally killed. We are also taking in a lot of owner surrenders, but these horses fate is practically sealed just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jessie and Katie (a new volunteer who plans to schedule every Wed to volunteer) came out to volunteer today. Jason was not feeling up to par today, so he stayed inside for the most part, so Tawnee really appreciated the extra help during feeding time.

After the horses were all taken care of, Tawnee determined that the tack room needed dire help. It seems that people are so busy they don’t realize that things really should be put back where they belong instead of being thrown in the open door, especially with the bad weather. They all started working on it. There is a back corner that has been bugging Tawnee for awhile. It’s just an open area that desperately needed shelves. Tawnee moved the stuff out and announced: “I’m going to put shelves here.” After some measuring and scrutinizing, she was off to learn how to run a skill saw. Jason usually does the “mans work” but Tawnee isn’t about to sit around and wait for him to get well.

While Tawnee was figuring out the skill saw, the cows decided they haven’t been getting enough attention. They want to be on the blog, and to make sure this happens, one of the cows started showing off her trick skills. Yes, she really is standing on the side of our flatbed trailer.

By this time Tawnee hadn’t cut any of her legs, fingers or arms off, and Katie and Jessie had the tack room sparkling.

Tawnee installed the shelves, and everything was stacked neatly up. What an improvement! It’s hard to believe all this stuff was just stashed here and there in the tack room. No wonder stuff got lost so often.

We had a new arrival come up from an Animal Control today. He was going to be euthanized if we could not take him, we are hoping to find him a loving forever home.

He is certainly a beautiful boy, with 4 stockings and a big blaze. He was found wandering around in a peach orchard. They aren’t sure if he was abandoned or if he was just an escapee. He is about 3 or 4 years old, halter trained, and the rest will be determined during his evaluation with us.

The awesome typewriter was bid up to $208.50 today. We are hoping that it will go much higher, but already, it has been a very successful fundraiser. We heard that Tom Hanks collects old typewriters as a hobby, does anyone have his email address?

Claire was out again today. We are hoping that next week she will be able to get caught up on emails.
Jason reports that he is feeling better and he will probably start writing emails. There is over 150 that need to be written, so, tomorrow he’ll get to work on it. For those that have adoption holds on horses, have no fear, your hold will be good for 1 week after you are approved to adopt.

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  1. Why are there so many pictures of the tack room,tractors and what looks like muddy hay being dragged around, do you feed that to horses ?Where are the horses’ pictures it is a horse rescue blog right?I would much prefer actual horse pictures then pictures of people and other things I am sure others would too. The pictures you have of the horses are pretty bad

  2. I was just reading through the comments and thought I needed to place a comment to a comment. I like seeing what you at NER are doing around the rescue. To me it makes the people that do so much for the horses become more personable and builds a friendship with all of you and your viewers. Yes, of course this is a horse rescue and all of us love seeing the updates on the lucky horses that have been adopted from Ner but a combination of pics of horses and important people at the rescue is what I like to read about.Keep up the good work guys.Thanks alot for all you do. Sicilianmama39 AKA Crazy Goat Lady

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