We would like to welcome Haul Your Horse as our latest advertising sponsor. They signed up to advertise on the left menu bar on our website. Thank you so much for supporting the rescue!
They offer a great service: horse trailer rentals! We have had dozens of people asking “Where can we rent a trailer?” So far our best response has been “Uh, hmmm, err, U-haul?” Their rates seem very reasonable, and they have horse trailers available for rent throughout California and Oregon. Click here to visit their site.

The March auction rescue fund is currently at $570. Thank you so much for your generosity. Our goal this month is $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses trapped at livestock auctions.

This morning we had some volunteers come out to help out where they could. They also named the horse that came from Animal Control yesterday. They chose Beau.

He certainly enjoyed all the oogling he got today, along with his horsey makeover.

Soon she had her camera out and photo’s were being snapped.

Claire, along with doing emails and phone calls, headed out for some fresh air and to clean stalls. We really missed her while she was sick, and we wish her good health for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile the photography session continued. The horses thoroughly enjoyed their photo shoots.

She took some really beautiful pictures that she emailed to us. This is Beau looking oh so handsome.

Tawnee also showed horses today. A previous adopter who was looking for an additional family member came up and fell in love with Countess today. They really are a perfect match and Countess just wanted to snuggle up to her new mommy. Adoption papers were signed and transportation is being arranged.

Then Jason headed off to get some hay. We are starting to run low on the round bales, and the last load of square bales we got had some damaged hay in it, so after the tarp got ripped off and it got rained on, we left the few remaining bales for the cows. So it was time to get some nice clean fresh hay.

Jason got hay from Troy Hay sales today, he’s currently the cheapest. He is the one that delivered the 1,024 bales out to the rescue last summer. He gave us some of the best news we’ve heard in a long time: hay is going to be cheap this spring. He estimated $8 a bale. We sure hope so! Maybe cheap hay would open up more homes for horses.

The typewriter is up to $255! It has 21 bids, we are hoping all the big spenders are waiting for the last day. So far though, it has certainly been a wonderful fundraiser. Thank you all for your generous bids. It is 17x what was paid for it.

Thank you all for your generous support. We would like to take a moment to thank Lynn W and Jerald G for their generosity. Your support more than helped pay for the hay today.

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  1. That is sure good news about the hay sales going down. We like every horse owner can sure use the price being cheaper. I loved the article about the donkey with the overgrown hooves. Amazing how a donkey can be fixed up in no time by great people like NER.

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