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This morning Jason and Deb met wet horses as they were giving the morning feed. Despite being sick, Jason helped out how he could, while Tawnee laid in bed moaning from the flu. Everyone else in our community it seems has been sick or is currently getting sick, so they don’t feel too bad. It is still very hard when all the horses need so much daily care to press on despite the sickness.

Outside the rain kept falling. Folks found wherever they could to find some shelter. Several people found out a Goosneck trailer tongue makes a dry spot.

Dottie and Macho Man enjoyed running around in the rain today, but what is Macho Man wearing?

It seems that he has prepared for a flood, and is quite ready to go snorkeling if need be. Just in case the seasonal creeks and mud puddles get a little out of hand. Let’s face it, 2′ of water could be lethal when you are this small! Thankfully the rescue has a lot of high ground and there is absolutely no worry about flooding. He’s still ready though.

Ron came out despite the rain and help out where he could as well. Honey got a manicure, she didn’t seem to mind it too much.

Countess’ adopter came out to take her home today. Countess was somewhere out on the 20 acres, so they waited under their umbrella while Deb and Ron headed out into the rain to find her.

Finally back they came with Countess. They were both a little wetter than before.

They all look like they love Countess very much, and we know she is going to have a great home. Well, almost all of them look like they’re having a great time….

Countess jumped right into the trailer, excited to head off on her new adventure with a new, wonderful and loving home.

Some more volunteers showed up as the day drug on. They helped feed, and other miscellaneous chores that needed to be done. They all looked on as Claire and Deb took pictures of Cindy. Cindy is in adoption pending.

Finally at the end of the day, everyone had muddy boots with a sprinkling of alfalfa on top. It was a long, wet cold day and we would like to thank everyone for making it all happen today. They did a great job of manning the rescue without Jason and Tawnee’s micromanagement.

Tawnee was checking around on the Internet about a new TV show called “Jockey’s.” It seems to be quite controversial. It is on Animal Planet channel. Animal Planet producers should be people that love animals and care about their well being right? In the intro to the show, 3 horses suffer brutal crashes that very likely ended their racing careers and doomed them to immediate shipment to Canada / Mexico. During the show they state that there are 2,000 horses stabled at the racetrack. Wonder how many are shipped monthly to slaughter? Can you image an Animal Planet show where in the first few minutes of the show you see dogs being cruelly injured and whipped repeatedly with whips? Without any concern for the animals welfare? Perhaps the first episode came across wrong, but it does not seem to be trying to help the horses, it seems to be using the horses in a way that one could expect to use a Motorcycle. We’re not sure why Animal Planet would be wanting to promote and glorify something that sends so many horses to slaughter. TB’s, in the racing industry, are disposable. It would have helped the horses out so much more if a show was made that showed TB’s being rescued from auctions and shows the true plight of these horses. The photo below is part of the intro, right above the word “Jockeys” you can see a horse flipping through the air. If any of you are interested in watching the show, it can be seen for free by clicking here.

Tawnee was scrutinizing our website today and she figured out how to post our sponsors onto our blog. So now our sponsors will be listed on our blog as well. Do you know anyone that would want to advertise on NorCal Equine Rescue? Our blog receives around 300 people a day, and the main website receives around 800 people a day, so in a day your add will be seen by about 1,100 people a day. Click here
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The Quickbooks on Ebay went off today, it sold for a total of $102.56. Hopefully the new owners will be very happy with it! The typewriter is still at $255. With 3 days left to go.

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  1. I watch the show Jockeys every week. The crashes they have shown they did, in fact, say that the horses involved were unhurt. One was from last fall, when Corey Nakatani shattered his collarbone. The horse clipped heels. It looked bad but he was uninjured. One that they keep showing, was actually from the mid- nineties, a crash that nearly cost jockey Mike Smith his life, never mind his career. They showed One Bad Kitty misbehaving in the gate, and throwing Aaron Gryder to the ground, and they do show a crash in the opening sequence that again, looks bad, but if you watch the show, you will find that they do make a point of saying the horses were ok and they have used the scenes to illustrate the danger to horses and riders. All of us who are involved in racing know that serious reforms must be made- but all of MEC International Racetracks now have anti-slaughter policies in place, as well as several other tracks. Sadly, breakdowns do occur- as in every other equine sport. Many event horses and jumpers are injured every year, as are western horses etc. While many things need to be overhauled, and more safety precautions etc., need to be implemented, it is wise to remember that these are athletes who love what they do, and injury is always a reality, just as it is with human athletes.

  2. Human athletes get to personally ‘choose’ their involvement….animals can’t ‘choose!’

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