Thanks to your generous donations the auction fund is currently at $1,489. There is still $750 in the auction donation match program, so each dollar donated towards the auction becomes two!
This morning found Jason doing the chores in the sprinkles. You would have thought it was pouring rain, but the reality was, it was barely sprinkling off and on. The hay still needed to be tarped, and this is how it gets out from under the tarp. First Jason crawls up under the giant tarp, selects a bale of hay…

…and soon he appears out from under the tarp with it, tosses it effortlessly onto the 4 wheeler…

…and drive it into the pens. The horses really love the sound of the 4 wheeler, especially if they spy some hay on the back. It’s like a game for them to see how many bites they can get off the back while it’s still moving.

Lippy Conner was put in our horse stock today so Tawnee could change his bandage. Before she could change his bandage, he insisted on getting a carrot. Jason grabbed the video camera and recorded the action. If you cannot see the video below, click here.


Conner’s leg is looking great. There is no proud flesh coming back, and we are pleased with the progress of his recovery after his surgery.

Tawnee got a new bandage and medicine all wrapped up and he is good to go until the next bandage change. The vet says it will probably take around 2 months for the leg to completely heal. During those two months we have to keep his leg wrapped. We don’t mind, he keeps us entertained with all his comments.

Show Dressed Up has generously donated a $125 gift certificate good towards the purchase of one of their beautiful show shirts. The gift certificate will be included in the silent auction at the Skating Party, June 24th. Show Dressed Up’s items run from $19.99 to $125.00, so this gift certificate could get you a really amazing western show shirt. Click here to visit their website, and plan on coming to the skating party, bidding, dreaming, and getting your new show shirt. You too can gift certificates, small items, large items, whatever you feel would help bring funds in to save horses at the silent auction!

When Tawnee got the mail today there was an envelope from the California’s Professional Horseman’s Association foundation. They awarded us a check for $1,000 to be used as needed to help the rescue. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity! Click here to visit their website to learn about all they do.

The $1,000 is going towards the expansion of our ability to provide care for even more rescued horses. Specifically it will be used towards the purchase of the 4 stall horse barn we talked about a week ago or so. As promised we will get it up on our website very soon. With so much sickness running rampant (all of our staff were up and working hard all day today!) we have been a bit behind on website work. The total cost for the barn is $4,500, with the $1000 donated today, we have $3,500 left to go. There is a $500 donation match in place towards the barn for private donations. The photo below is our existing horse barn when it was being built in 2007.

We haven’t seen Ron since Sunday, Ron’s story is that he got kicked by a draft horse. Claire, however, revealed the rest of the story today. It seems in all the mud and rain on Sunday Ron was mud wrestling with a wheelbarrow. Well, not quite, he was pushing it along heaping full of manure through the mud, the nose fell into a ditch, Ron fell forward onto the wheelbarrow and broke a couple ribs. Take it easy Ron, let those bones mend!

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