With only 3 days left the auction fund is currently at $2,138. There is still donation matching funds available, please help save lives! There is still $425 that will be matched to your donation to the auction rescue.

The LA Times ran an article about how the economy is affecting horses, and had a few paragraphs near the end of the article about us. We would like to thank all of the media exposure that helps raise awareness for horses in need! Click here for the article.

Jason’s day started quite early, one of the horses had literally busted a gate, and then another horse in another section busted through the fencing, so all in all about 20 horses were wandering around this morning. They were all very eager for some treats and followed Jason one by one into the round pen and where then taken into their respective pens. Instead of having cows running everywhere this morning, it was horses.

Jessie and camera shy volunteer came out to help today. They got right to work cleaning stalls, making sure everyone was happy, they helped feed, and did all kinds of extremely helpful things.

Brandy was snuggling all tucked away in his 10′ x 10’s pen under the shelter. We had something that needed to be done that he would certainly not like… Note: He is in a 10′ x 10′ pen, which is the same size that the New York carriage companies keep their draft horses. We feel it is hardly big enough for 10 month old, much less a 16+ hand draft horse…

Brandy needed to have his sheath cleaned today, probably the first time in his life. His sheath was a little swollen and we wanted to make sure he hadn’t gotten anything stuck up there. Tawnee had to honors of cleaning his sheath
…and Jessie had the honors of simply standing back with a hose.
The little guy was mortified that it was happening and tried to give Tawnee a few kicks. That is what the stock is for, keeping humans and horse hooves separated. His face showed how he was truly feeling. Soon however he was back in his pen will all the worries behind him.

This morning we used up the last bag of shavings. We tried to make the last bag go as far as it could, but it was all used up and gone. As Tawnee wondered where the next bag of shavings would come from, a visitor drove up and we had 5 new bags of shavings! Thank you so much for bringing it out today! Jessie got right to work unloading it.

We can’t thank you enough and the horses just love their bedding. Honey (seen below) is getting bigger and bigger every day. Soon we should have two in the stall. We can’t wait!

We had another visitor come out to see the horses. Dancer squeezed her way into both of their hearts. It seemed like they really liked her, and they said they would be thinking seriously about bringing her into their home.
We would like you to officially meet Jessie, our volunteer “volunteer coordinator.” If you are interested in volunteering you can email her directly, volunteer@savethehorse.com. Throughout the years folks have said “If you ever need help with…” and they would name off things they (or their husband) could do well, and we would always thank them profusely, but unfortunately we had no method to maintain all of the information. Now we have Jessie. So if you are willing to volunteer your expertise from time to time, please email Jessie and she will be putting your information into a directory for us. If you are an artist or make things that would be helpful to the rescue, either directly or by the sale of them, and would like to donate some on occasion, please contact Jessie also as she will be compiling a directory of people that are willing to help in that regard also. Please include your phone number so we can contact you easily. Jessie’s email is: volunteer@savethehorse.com. Let’s overwhelm her with information!

William (grey) and Angelito (black) enjoy their time on nice days when they get to get out of their pen and explore the rescue much the same that Dottie and Macho Man do. We believe that when an animal that doesn’t cause trouble is feeling healthy, they should be allowed the freedom from time to time to move about the rescue, enjoying exploring and broadening their experiences in life. It just brings so much joy to them! They are of course under close supervision while they are out. Today Tawnee documented their adventures.

First they headed out to see where all they could go.

Angelito had something up his sleeve and he tried to sneak off. William was wondering where that crazy guy was going and began to follow him.

Then like a flash Angelito came bounding back and he started a quick game of wrestling.

Angelito was the winner and soon he was chasing his defeated foe off the battle field. You can see his nostrils flaring and his great big ears almost pinned, he was the mighty steed today!

He went running, kicking and frolicking in delight.

Soon, after getting tired of wrestling, they trotted around together before finding a lush patch of green grass. An afternoon snack sure tastes good after some great exercise!

We really didn’t have any rain to speak of today. The dark clouds kept trying to cover up the sky, but it seems that the sun was the victor today.

Evening was coming on so Tawnee put the two donkey’s back to bed with their wise old friend Cindy.

This is the last mention of the Typewriter as still being open for bidding. It is going to be won by a very lucky person tomorrow. It is still currently at $255, let’s hope several wealthy people want it very badly and are all waiting for the last day. Even if not we are very thankful for the funds that it will bring, and that it has been a successful fundraising effort. Click here, let’s get a bidding war going on!

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