The days are quickly winding down, the thermometer is slowly going up. Many huge thanks to Jennifer G for donating $1,000 towards this months auction rescue, knocking the rest of the match off, so thanks to Jennifer $1,425 will be used for the rescue and care of horses this month that are dumped at livestock auctions. Thank you also for your generous donations. We only need $1,261 to meet our goal!

And the grand total for the typewriter is: $305! We are so glad that it went so high, we will hopefully be getting it shipped off tomorrow. This was such a successful fundraiser, thanks to Tawnee having eagle eyes for antiques.

Today Tawnee was at it again with the camera, she enjoyed the first day with not a sprinkle of rain in a long time.

We did not have any visitors to the rescue today, which was a welcome change. We did all the normal chores, but can chores really be bad at all when you are taking care of faces as cute as this? William, below, is in adoption pending and is scheduled to go to his new home soon. We sure will miss the little guy!

Tawnee worked hard on an E-news all morning and finally this afternoon it was all ready to go. We are glad that Tawnee was willing to sit behind a computer for many hours today, even though she was dying to go outside in the wonderful weather. If you did not get the E-news, click here to read it online.

All the winter rains have certainly paid off in terms of greenery. This is one of the hills surrounding the rescue, oh so pretty.

The below should have been in yesterdays blog, but it just didn’t quite make it in somehow. Better a day late than a dollar short.
The lady who came out and photographed the horses a week or so ago was telling us that she had recently lost her Arab and if we could please keep our eyes open for an Arabian and what she was looking for. Claire and Ron have been fostering the 3 Arabians that had come down from Washington, so Claire told her about Paso and Comet. So she went over to see them. She rode Paso first and really fell in love. He was such a sweet guy and reminded her a lot of her old boy.

The she rode Comet, and fell in love with him too.

She couldn’t figure out which one she wanted to take home, as she had fallen in love with them both. So, she is going to foster/adopt them both, and if she can bare to part with one of them, he’ll be coming back. Hopefully they have both found their forever home.
She brought her trailer up yesterday and proceeded to load them up. Neither one of them were interested in loading into her 2 horse straight trailer.

So she borrowed Ron and Claire’s 3 horse slant, and both the boys were a lot happier to hop on in and head off. She’s kept us updated and says they seem right at home!

We received a phone call from an incredibly upset person. While this is not terribly uncommon, unfortunately they were legitimately upset. Someone sent them a letter, composed as if to be from NorCal Equine Rescue, telling them to euthanize their horse because they were starving it to death. The horse in question, while we have not seen or met the horse, from what we are told is a 35 year old horse that the vet says cannot gain weight and Animal Control has seen on at least one occasion. If you see an animal that you believe is not being cared for, please go through the proper channels. You need to call Animal Control, keep an eye on the horse, and you can feel free to write the people on a personal level, but please do not pose as if you were writing for us. Starting now all of our official mail will be embossed with our good old embosser, so if you get a letter from us, look for the NER seal.

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