The euthanasia clinic is coming up this Wednesday, and there is currently $615 in the fund. There are more horses signed up than there are dollars in the fund to cover the cost. If you are new to our clinics, click here for more information. There is still about $700 in the donation matching fund for the euthanasia clinic, so every dollar that is donated becomes $2 automatically. Please help the horses in need. Click here to donate to our euthanasia clinic or for any other cause.

Cindy, despite our best efforts, has been having some troubles. She laid down Saturday and needed major assistance getting back up. And, again this morning she couldn’t get up on her own, so we had to lift her to her feet using a sling and the tractor to help her. We looked into her eyes and we could see her saying it was time.

Cindy was in adoption pending and had a home lined up, but her elderly body was just giving up on her. When she was stable and on her feet, we led her out of her stall.

We gently assisted her into the trailer for a ride to the vet. We wanted to get the vets opinion on what was best for Cindy. In our hearts we all knew it was time to say “Goodbye” to sweet Cindy. It was certainly an emotionally trying start to the day. We have all grown to love Cindy so much.

Thanks to Butte County road department, Cindy’s ride to the vet was much smoother than it could have been. The road has been really bumpy since the rains, but now it is oh so smooth.

Tawnee drove extremely slow and cautiously to the vet as she was afraid Cindy may lay down again. Cindy arrived safely at the vet, and once the vet looked at Cindy she confirmed our instincts: Cindy was just too old to go on living and would continue to go down and be unable to get herself back up. Her body was just giving out on her and there was just nothing we could do except say “Goodbye Cindy we love you.”

Back at the rescue, Jessie arrived with our first ever Post Auction Assessment Team (PAAT.) A few of the team members that planned to come out today were sick, but Jessie, James and Kari were here and ready to work bright and early. We just love knowledgeable volunteers that know what they are doing, show up on time, work hard, and get a lot done. Thanks to the PAAT’s we have information on each horse that was brought to the rescue yesterday. They all deserve a pat on the back!

James is a farrier / trimmer, so he was able to pull shoes, give trims as needed, and generally make sure the horses were comfortable on their feet.

Midway through the morning we saw a trailer pulling in completely full of shavings!

Over 100 bags of shavings were donated to the rescue today. Some of the bags had received some water damage and they were refused at their destination, so they came back to the manufacturer who generously gave them to us.

Many hands made quick work of unloading the shavings. Alice and her husband, the folks who like to clean stalls, were out today as well, and they helped unload the shavings. Alice and her husband also generously donated a drum of pelleted feed.

We would like to thank American Wood Fibers for donating the bedding. We will be putting it to great use!

Meanwhile the PAAT’s were still hard at work. Worming, assessing, trimming, aging (as seen below, you can guestimate a horses age by its teethe) and making sure each horse knew they were loved.

The horses just loved all of the attention and did their best to give their love back.

The baby of the group enjoyed getting out of the pen, laying down in the grass with the warm sunshine, and grabbing some yummy nibbles.

The first ever seen at the rescue pigeon visited today. He sure was a cute little guy perched up on the tack room observing the rescues happenings.

After the horses were evaluated they were turned loose into a larger pen. It’s nice the mud is disappearing and horses are able to walk in comfort once again.

The little mule really got a kick out of the days events, literally.

Gracie was adopted today. Her adopter’s application was approved and she was ready to go home. Jason had the pleasure of taking her down to her forever home.
Gracie’s new mommy is just tickled pink to have her home. Gracie is going to love her new family. They love draft horses as a breed, and are well qualified to have Gracie in their lives forever.

From Gracie’s adopter’s Jason went to the auction yard to pick up the two horses that were left yesterday.

Thank you Roseville Livestock Auction for generously donating once again the feed and stay for these horses. They were gently waiting for Jason to come get them, probably quite bewildered as to why all their friends left in the trailer yesterday and they got left behind.

Jason and the horses made it back to the rescue safely long after dark, which with daylight savings time means it really was late.

They both got settled in and are happily munching hay.

There were a total of 13 equines rescued at the auction yesterday. You can see photo’s of them all below. We don’t have the PAAT’s information on hand, that will be on our available page soon, so we are relying on Tawnee’s 7 hours of sleep in the last 64 hours memory. Yes life has been hectic for the last few days. This week is filled up with her running here and there too so it probably won’t get any easier for her…
The youngest horse of the bunch, aged by the PAATs at 1 year old or less.

Small stallion, he wobbles while he walks. Has an appointment for assessment at the vets.

The frisky mule, supposed to be about 5 years old.

A poor muddy gelding. He has a problem with his left front leg. He will also be checked out by our vet.

Sweet horse, the one seen above resting her head on Jame’s shoulder.

A Paso mare. She has something majorly bad going on with her back end, she could hardly get into our trailer because of her back legs not working properly. Is going to visit the vet too.

Grey Arab gelding, supposed to have been used on a dude ranch, supposed to be trained to ride.

Same as above, grey Arab gelding, dude ranch, trained to ride.

This horse is supposed to be a TB Andalusian. She was used for jumping, her owners did not keep up on her board so she ended up at auction. Really magnificent horse to look at.

An older mare. Owners said she’s been losing weight for awhile now despite their best efforts. We’ll be consulting with our vet to determine her quality of life.

A very sweet QH type gelding.

Off the track Thoroughbred, very tall, sweet horse.

A chestnut horse, has a star. (Tawnee’s memory is fading…)

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