Part 2 of Ron’s adventure yesterday picking up the horses that were abandoned when their owner was sent to jail.

Ron got Just a City Guy delivered to his home safely.

City Guys’s adopters also adopted Freya, shown below, Gypsy, Ghost in the House, and Hit a Homer Honey. They are all doing very well and seem very happy in their forever home.

When Ron arrived at the abandoned horses, it was well after dark. He was faced with an empty pasture and he had to go looking for them in the dark. Finally he found them, caught them, and led them to his trailer.

After finally convincing them they actually did want to get into the trailer, Ron headed back to the rescue.

He didn’t get to the rescue until 12:00 am, at which time Jason got up out of bed to help him unload.

They settled in to a pen with food and water, and everyone was more than tired. It was early in the morning when everyone finally got to bed for a few hours sleep.

This morning, thanks to your generosity, the euthanasia fundraiser was completed! Thank you so much for your care and concern for horses in need. We could not hold these clinics without your help.
Tawnee met the new horses Ron brought in early this morning, they are both a little thin, the Paint might have some arthritis, but the bay looks to be in good shape other than being underweight. Tawnee thought he was an off the track TB but he has no tattoo so he was never raced.

Tawnee loaded up horses that were going to the vet today. Napoleon was one of them, he went to the vet to get his shots, dental, and whatever else he needed thanks to his lifetime sponsor.

Alice the Paso Fino, Athena (who was placed in adoption pending) and Cricket were taken to the vet for their evaluation checkups.

At the vet Alice, it was determined, had sustained a fractured hip at one time. She was about 18 years old, and there was nothing that could be done to make her more comfortable. At the auction they said “She’s a Paso Fino, they just walk funny.” We knew there was more to it than that. Her entire rear end was weak and the decision was made that the best thing that could be done for her would be to allow her to pass on gently.

Next Cricket was checked out. He seemed a little wobbly, but upon examination the vet determined that he is just a little dwarfed and after some more examination, she believes he will be suitable to be trained to be a child’s riding horse.

Athena passed her pre-adoption exam with flying colors. It’s nice to have healthy, up to weight horses in the rescue.
Folks were coming throughout the morning and day bringing horses for the clinic. The folks who brought this mare told Tawnee that she is really bad off and suffered from cushings, along with a lot of other medical problems. She is not doing well at all. The trailer door was opened, and Tawnee saw lifeless eyes looking back at her.

She was taken out of the trailer, led a short distance to a holding pen.

And as soon as she was in the pen she simply collapsed. She made an effort to get up, but she just rolled over instead. Tawnee went into the vet office and told the vet there was a horse that needed to be euthanized ASAP. Her will to live was gone.

The vet came out, confirmed Tawnee’s instincts and this sweet old girl was humanely euthanized. So many times people wait until the very end to do what is best for the horse. Have your vet do a quality of life assessment before your horse ends up in this situation. We are glad they chose to bring her to the clinic instead of leaving her in a back field to die “naturally” however.

About this time Claire called Tawnee with some terrible news that brought tears to Tawnee’s eyes. There had been a terrible car accident early this morning that killed 5 horses and the driver of the car. Click here to read the news article.

This is a terrible accident, but it really hit Tawnee hard because two of the horses that died were horses that we had rescued from livestock auctions and placed into a very loving home. This is Goldy, an approximately 3 year old Palamino. She was a very beautiful girl. She was adopted quickly when she came into the rescue so we did not get to spend much time with her, but we knew she was special.

The adopter also adopted Moonlight, who was a gorgeous boy.

He was one of the prettiest horses that we have had in the rescue with a beautiful coat coloring and personality that could not be matched.

Many of you should remember Moonlight from his Youtube video. Click the video below or click here.


Tawnee did a lot of crying today about Moonlight because they had developed a close bond while he was at the rescue. Many times when Moonlight was here you could find them snuggling together. It is so hard to think that he is gone.

The euthanasia clinics are a hard day for all of us at the rescue. Usually the folks are crying on Tawnee’s shoulders, but today she was having to fight back her own tears.

We are so glad that we are able to hold these clinics where people can bring their old horses and give them a peaceful end rather than their owners being forced to abandon them, take them to auction, or give them to a KB.

While Tawnee was at the vet a horse trailer pulled up with the last stallion to be gelded this season through the gelding clinic. He is a beautiful boy, and it is nice to know he will soon be a beautiful gelding. We would like to thank all of you for making our gelding program possible. We hope to have another gelding program next fall / winter.

Speaking of gelding, Cricket is spending the night at the vet and will be gelded soon.

There was one mare in the euthanasia clinic that will be brought into our rescue program for adoption. She is an approximately 20 year old Arabian mare with no major medical conditions. She and Athena will be spending the night at the vet and Tawnee will be picking them up tomorrow along with Napoleon. He should have his dental tomorrow.

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