Our fundraisers for the March auction rescues and the euthanasia clinic have been completed thanks to the generous support of people just like you. We would now like to turn our attention to improving the rescues facilities to better facilitate housing more special needs horses. We have the opportunity to purchase a 4 stall barn, have it delivered and set up, for $4,500. The special deal only lasts until the end of March, so we have about 2 weeks. We have $1,000 raised towards the barn, and there is a $500 matching donation towards the barn, so every dollar donated becomes 2 dollars right away. Help the thermometer fill up!

First thing this morning Tawnee headed out to take Mr T to the vet. Many of you have met Mr T, one of the free roaming goats that is always getting into trouble here at the rescue it seems. Time was ticking and he had to get to the vet ASAP. Was Mr T critically ill?

No, Mr T was not critically ill, but a little goat at the vet needed a blood transfusion. The poor little goat was so weak it could barely lift its head. A blood transfusion was the last hope in hopes of saving its life. When Tawnee was at the vet yesterday they were expecting that the goat may need a blood transfusion, and this morning when Tawnee called in they said the goat really needed needed Mr T’s donation of life.

First thing, Mr T had to be weighed. He had to be at least 75 lbs. He weighed in at 87 lbs so it was a go.

He was given a sedation and then his neck was shaven down.

Soon the life giving blood was being collected.

After the collection of course Mr T got his blood donor cookie.

The blood transfusion was not rejected by the little goats body and by mid afternoon it was holding its head up, was alert, and had a good appetite. What a great gift Mr T! You too can be as cool as Mr T, next time you see a blood drive, donate some blood, it could be the difference between life death.

The final evaluations of the horses that were brought to the clinic was done. Those that did not have a good quality of life were given a dignified, peaceful end. It is always so hard saying goodbye, but sometimes it is the most merciful thing to do.
Next was a gelding operation for Cricket. The vet only felt 1 testicle, but we were all hoping he was not cryporchid. The decision was made to proceed with the surgery in the hopes of finding the other testicle, hoping that it was hiding right below the surface. Unfortunately only 1 testicle was found, making Cricket a cryptorchid. A cryptorchid surgery can cost around $1,500 – $2,000, which is unfeasible for the rescue at this time. It was a very sad and terrible decision, but it was the only one within our means. So Cricket was humanely euthanized while under heavy sedation.
Cricket was dwarfish, extremely bad confirmation, and leaving him a stallion was simply not an option. We do not adopt out stallions, and with the poor confirmation, dwarfism, and everything else poor Cricket was experiencing, if he ever did breed a mare the results would be disastrous.
It was now time for Napoleon’s dental. He was sedated and prepared for his teethe to be floated.
He was a good boy under sedation, with his ears stuffed full of cotton to muffle the teethe grinding.
Soon the whole float job was well under way. He really needed to be floated, and we were so thankful we were able to give this to Napoleon, thanks to the generosity of his sponsor.

Finally after a long day at the vet it was time to head back to the rescue. Mr T had a great day hanging out in the nice grassy pens at the vet, but it was now time to go home. The other little goat still had a good appetite, let’s hope and pray she pulls through!

Tawnee got the horses loaded up at the vet and when she arrived back at the rescue it was after 9:00 pm.

The horses were unloaded and settled into a pen for the night. Athena was a good girl and hopped right out.
This is Passion, she came to the euthanasia clinic but we are hoping to find her a home. She is a 20 year old Arab mare that is trained to ride. She seems to be in good health and we are hoping she will find that perfect person, maybe you?

And of course Napoleon hopped out and settled in for the night.

Last but not least, our little hero was very happy to be back at the rescue and reunited with his mommy.

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  1. that is so cool to be able to save the little goat by the blood transfusion. Mr. T you sure are a hero.

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