For this weekend we are leaving you with pictures of Moonlight and Goldy, in memorial. They were killed in a tragic accident on Wednesday.

Goldy was rescued from a livestock auction. She was sore and limping, she had been involved in an accident at the auction.

Back at the rescue she settled in and soon her discomfort was gone. She was adopted into a very loving home. She was such a beautiful girl!

Moonlight was also rescued from a livestock auction. He was such a big beautiful boy.

When Moonlight came to the rescue he stood at the trailer door for a few seconds and took everything in.

It wasn’t long before we learned what a neat horse he was. He had such a capacity to love and always wanted to be with people.

Tawnee fell madly in love with him, as well as everyone else here at the rescue.

All the visitors that came to the rescue fell in love with him too. He just loved to snuggle with people!

He had a kind soft eye full of love and compassion.

Truly he was a beautiful horse inside and out. He was adopted to the same person that adopted Goldy.
Early Wednesday morning Moonlight, Goldy and 3 other horses were killed in a tragic accident, along with the driver of the vehicle. Click here to read a news report.

The best video clip we found of the tragic accident you can view by clicking here.

Mark Trupiano was tragically killed in the accident after the vehicle he was driving collided with the horses. He leaves behind 2 children and a wife. His employer is accepting donations to help his family out. You can mail a donation to help out the family in this time of loss or sympathy card to: Biagi Bros. Corporate – HQ787 Airpark Rd – Napa, CA – 94558

Tawnee spoke with the owner of the horses today. She was really shooken up and extremely saddened by the terrible accident. She says she can barely stand to look into the pasture where her horses were just a few days ago. We are asking that you send sympathy cards to us, and we will pass them along to Sally in this time of loss. Can you possibly imagine losing all of your horses at one time in such a terrible way? You can mail them to: NorCal Equine Rescue, P O Box 6108, Oroville CA 95966. Please take a moment to ease her grief.
Goldy and Moonlight, you were beautiful horses and we loved you both!

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  1. such a tragic accident. I can’t imagne losing all of mine at any time let alone at one time. Such a horrible tragic for the family that lost thier loved one. May god be with them.donna

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