Thanks to your generosity the barn fundraising is currently at $1,230. We sure could use your help to get this 4 stall barn up and full of rescued horses!

This morning it was cloudy and sprinkling off and on throughout the day. All of the black birds in the county decided to come roost on our power lines and wait for better weather. They were sure cute sitting up there!

We had lots of visitors today, as usual it was a very busy Sunday.

This lady came out today and fell in absolute love with Omar. They are looking to add another horse to their family and it looks like they have found him. They placed a hold on him and will hopefully be getting their application approved shortly.

During the earlier part of the day there were lots of people out looking at horses. Big Blue’s potential mommy came out this weekend to see her. She is hoping to take her home soon!

Deb rode Big Blue around today, and she did great. We just can’t wait to get her into her new home!

Long lost volunteer Amber came out today. She has been sick, under the weather, but she is feeling good again. We finally have a photo of Amber with Jazzy, the horse she adopted a month or so ago. It’s great to have you back Amber, we’re glad you’re feeling better.

This lucky young lady has been given an educational scholarship, and one of the conditions of her scholarship is to volunteer. She chose the rescue as her volunteer focus, and for that we are very grateful!

Not to be outdone by the big girls, this little girl got her hands dirty helping too.

A couple that Home at Last referred to us came out to visit the horses today. They fell in love with Redneck and Little Blue. They put holds on them and as soon as their applications are approved Redneck and Little Blue will be going home for good!

Mr T seems to have no ill affects from donating blood. Some people were coming to adopt Blazer, when they got to the rescue they opened their horse trailer feeder door and stepped away from their trailer. As soon as no one was watching Mr T stepped over to the trailer and started stealing food. Despite a bulging tummy from too much food, he just has a voracious appetite.

Jason had shown Blazer last week. They were approved to adopt and they came out to adopt him today. He’ll fit right in, they have a few other elderly horses and a dog that is blind in the same eye that Blazer is. He’ll certainly feel right at home. They blanketed him as he is heading into the mountains and snow flurries are a part of life up there right now.

Blazer hopped right into the trailer like a dream. He is such a good boy. We’ll miss him but we know he has a great home.

Jason moved about 20 panels and made a new pen with green grass all around. The horses always seem to enjoy having a new area to explore.

Along with many volunteer’s that were out today Jamie came out and started collecting the poor bedraggled muddy buckets that had survived the winter. She’s taking them home to give them some TLC and have them looking as good as new soon. We really appreciate it, thanks Jamie!

Jamie was also the last volunteer to leave, long after dark. Thank you Jamie so much for your hard work and dedication. And a huge thank you to each and every volunteer! We can’t make the rescue run without you!

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