Lynn and her daughter Ruby came out today to meet Athena. They made the 3 hour trip safely, it was pouring rain at their house and they were worried it would be raining at the rescue. Despite the threats from the clouds, it was a beautiful day.

They are going to think about Athena. She was a good girl, but she didn’t want to take the bit. And, she didn’t want to trot. But, she does know leg aids really well, possibly the best trained horse on leg aids we have ever had in the rescue. Tawnee had fun cuing her only by her legs riding her between the cones. They all enjoyed riding her, but she simply would not trot. Lynn will be making the decision soon as to whether or not to adopt her.

We had some other visitors come out today as well. They are looking to adopt a horse at some point, but after looking around for awhile they looked at Tawnee and said the words she loves to hear: “While we are here, what can we do to help?” Tawnee gave them some various options and then said “There’s always the stalls.” They jumped at the opportunity to clean the stalls and in short order had them all cleaned up making the entire mare motel sparkle.

While everyone was busy cleaning stalls and playing with the horses, Tawnee took this picture of William munching on the nice green grass. But wait, is that a dead goat behind him?

Mr T is alive and with us, but what about Angel?

William and Angelito came trotting along and sure enough, Angel woke right up from her nap, but she woke up disgusted at the little guys for disrupting her sleep pattern. Angelito and William couldn’t care less about her disgust and continued playing along in the sun.

Lynn and Ruby had put Athena away and were playing with some of the other horses. Ruby rode Passion, the little Arab that came to us from the Euthanasia Clinic. They both did really good and Passion is a really sweet mare.

All of our neighbours would appreciate it if you drove slow when you visited the rescue, so Jason hung some reminder signs. Yes, that is the speed limit, and you won’t get the ticket, we will.

Ruby and Lynn also played with Gemeni. He did great, he is a little rusty and he is in adoption pending.

The folks that were cleaning the stalls finished up and proceeded to eat their lunch. Mr T of course has to evaluate their dietary consumption and make sure they were not eating goat for lunch. They kicked him out and a decision were made on Jason and Tawnee’s part that it is time for the goat’s and mini’s to have a permanent place to call their own.

Up to this time the mini’s and goats have shared different stalls in the mare motel, roaming free during the day, generally having a grand time. They all love it, but they seem to be getting bolder and causing more and more trouble by the day. So, Tawnee got some corner posts.

Jason got some holes dug.

Some posts were raises, laterals nailed on, the floor graded smooth…

…and by nightfall their shelter is done. It just needs a coat of paint. Tawnee got some of the fencing up, hopefully in the next couple days the pen will be finished. It was too dark to continue fencing, so Jason and Tawnee moved on to the next project.

Some of the big bales of hay were sadly ruined by the rains recently so they were tractored into a pile and burnt. Bonfires are usually fun, but it was also sad seeing the hay burned. Hopfully soon the hay barn will be engineered, permited, raised and ready to store hay in. We wanted to get it up before last winter, now the goal is definitly before next winter. It is sitting there all ready to go up!

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