We are pleased to let you know that we received some more donations today for the barn. We are really hoping that we will be able to have the barn built early next month. We probably won’t end up getting the free installation, as the month is ticking down faster than the funds are going up, but as we all know, together it can happen!

One of the horses that came from the auction, Rusty, had something wrong with his knee. We knew something was wrong with his knee when we rescued him. He seemed to be doing fine, we even saw him cantering. We were so glad to see he was feeling good. But then, a couple days ago he started limping, and it just seemed to get worse. We put him into a stall where we could manage his pain with medication until we could get him to the vet. This morning Tawnee loaded Rusty up into the trailer and headed off to the vet.

The vet took 4 x-rays on his leg. The vet agreed that there was definitely something going on in there but we weren’t sure if it was in the hoof or the knee.

After the x-rays were on the computer both of our vets examined them. It sounded pretty bad when they both started pointing and saying “There’s an old fracture here” and “There’s an old fracture there.” Rusty had suffered multiple fractures quite some time ago, probably from catching his leg in a fence or something like that, and was left to heal on his own. The fractures and calcification had flared up causing him the pain. There was absolutely nothing that could be done for Rusty even if we had an unlimited budget to treat him, and he would be continuously reinjuring himself with his weakened knee. The decision to let him pass on gently was made and he was humanely euthanized. It’s so sad, but we are glad he did not endure slaughter and that he knew he was loved.

To brighten things up a little bit for Tawnee, while at the vet she saw some familiar faces. Last summer when the fires were all burning Jason and Tawnee evacuated Happy, the pony, from the fire danger. Happy’s owner was so happy the fire was gone and her house was spared that she adopted Molly Brown. They were both at the vet getting their shots and checkups. Their owner, Carrie, said “I read your blog every day, and last night my husband and I decided to make a donation, but the Internet wasn’t working so it got put on the back burner. But, here you are!” She handed Tawnee a $200 check to put towards the new barn. There were still some matching funds left over, so her $200 became $400. Thank you so much for your generosity Carrie! And thanks for giving Molly Brown such a wonderful home.

It’s always sad driving back from the vet with an empty trailer. It’s one of the hardest parts of rescuing, knowing that what is best for a horse is to be laid to sleep simply because there is nothing that can be done to ease his pain.

Back at the rescue Larry, April and Amy came out to volunteer today. Among other things they painted the goat’s and mini’s shelter and did a great job of it!

In the spirit of St Patrick’s day the green trim got painted and Larry was wearing his green hat. The office trim also got touched up after the 2nd coating of paint. Its trim was looking pretty shabby.

Once the painting got done Larry decided that steps needed to be built into the office. So, despite having a broken arm, he built some wonderful steps.

Then, after Tawnee got back to the rescue, she continued fencing on the pen.

As night fell Jason and Tawnee were still hard at work, fencing, stretching, pounding the staples in, and getting it ready for the goats, Macho Man and Dottie. Hopefully it will get done this week.

When Tawnee gets an idea that something needs to be done, well, it just gets done.

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