We received some very generous donations and the barn raising is currently at $2280! Things are starting to look up, literally. This is very exciting, we are certainly hoping that the funds will be raised to lift the barn and keep more rescued horses safe and happy.

Mr T is feeling quite grand and glorious with himself and has decided that donating blood has elevated his social standing quite high. He believes that due to his elevated social standing he is now free to come in and out of the office and rummage around. Well Mr T, there is a grand and glorious pen that will be done soon, so enjoy your freedom while it lasts.

We had some visitors come today. One of them is a NorCal Member, and she was proudly displaying her magnets. Thanks for spreading the word while you drive!

Sara and Taryn (the visitors) generously donated 5 bags of shavings and a bunch of senior feed. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it when visitors bring needed items for the horses. The horses can always use shavings and senior feed. They also both contributed generously to the barn.

We have a waiting list for horses to come into our rescue, and on that list were 3 horses from Placer County Animal Control. We were quite impressed with their fancy horse trailer, it even had panels mounted on the sides. You could just see Jason’s gears turning in his head…

They backed up to the round pen, opened the door…

…and 3 wonderful horses came out. The three horses are: Frankie, an approximately 12 year old gelding, Bailey, an approxmiately 2 1/2 year old gelding, and Miss Penny, an approximately 8 year old mare. Penny is the light bay and Bailey is the dark bay. Frankie is the one hiding behind the others.

Bailey was extremely emaciated when he was rescued by Placer County Animal Control. It is really sad when young horses are abused, but we are seeing it more and more. Young horses should never be emaciated. It is truly sad. It oftentimes stunts them for the rest of their lives.

Bailey is beautiful now and PCAC did a great job rehabilitating him. He’s a pretty tall boy and is quite stunning.

After PCAC left Sara and Taryn looked at Tawnee and said those words Tawnee loves to hear so much: “Is there anything we can do to help?” Tawnee’s been hearing this a lot lately, and she loves it! Tawnee was working on Macho Man and Dottie’s pen so they all pitched in to help.

They were a lot of help and we really appreciate it.

One of the other visitors that came out today was Napoleon’s old owner, who had been sent to the hospital by him. She still loves him and wanted to come see him today. She brought Napoleon some carrots, but Macho Man made sure he got his first.

Towards evening time Tawnee headed out to pick up the babies that Jamie has been fostering. The mud has dried out here at the rescue and it’s time for them to find a home. We really appreciate her keeping them at her place while it was raining and so miserable.

Jamie adores Suzy and hopes that she will find a loving home very soon. It’s sad to think that she is a horse that was stunted due to abuse when she was young.

As Jamie promised, she gave our buckets some TLC and they look as good as new!

On the way home Tawnee saw a whole flock of Turkey’s and she just had to stop and take some pictures. The Tom’s were strutting around trying to look handsome for the girls. If you visit the rescue and are quiet and listen you will probably hear some turkey’s gobbling. There sure seems to be a lot of them right now.

Tawnee got back when it was almost dark, but she safely unloaded the babies and got them settled in to the nice pen seen behind Suzy in the picture below. Yummy food, good water, and they are ready for bed.

Our email system has been not working properly since Midnight yesterday, Jason and Godaddy have been working hard trying to get it working, so please bare with us if your email doesn’t get replied to right away.

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