First thing this morning Jason ran around making sure everyone had clean stalls, great food, clean water, and that everyone was happy and healthy. The severe rain storm that pounded the rescue last night took its toll and everything seemed to be wet, but soon the sun was out and all the horses were dry and chipper once again.

A pre-approved adopter came out today looking for that special horse to love forever. They fell in love with Nettie. We are so glad that Nettie has found her forever home. She was one of the Lucky 7 group, and we are very pleased that her forever home has stepped forward. Nettie really didn’t want to get into the trailer and leave, but with some coaxing she was on her way.

A mom brought her daughter out who needed volunteer hours for her school. She plans on coming out and volunteering 4 hours ever quarter. Thanks for choosing the rescue to lend you helping hand to.

Tawnee got the pen finished Friday and Dottie, Macho Man, and the goats have been enjoying their new pen. Saturday it abruptly started raining. The goats were up on the hill when it started raining, but they high tailed it to their shelter at the first drop of water! They are so cute. It’s always nice when animals enjoy and appreciate human’s hard work in caring for them. This pen has the seasonal creek in it, so we are affectionately calling it the “River Pen.”

Suzy enjoyed saying “Hi” to visitors today. She was hanging out near the tack room while Ron was messing with her. She sure is a beautiful girl, and we are hoping that soon someone will open their heart and home to her.

We officially had the most interesting vehicle at the rescue ever. It was the Nerds on Call car. Everyone got a kick out of seeing the vehicle at the rescue.

The nerds, who were previous adopters, wanted to add one more horse to their family. They adopted Bailey. They had seen him featured on the blog when he came from Animal Control and they came out today to see him and they fell in love. His adoption papers were signed and now transportation arrangements are being made.

We do believe the little pigeon wants to hang around. We have seen him off and on for awhile now and he seems to want to hang around for good…

…even though curious horses follow him around. It must be extremely terrifying to have a giant like that following you around. But, he is a brave little pigeon.

Since he seems to be hanging around, a name is needed! Thanks for sending in your choice names, we have put what we believe are the best ideas for voting. Click here to vote! The name with the highest votes will be his name. Vote now!
Usually Angelito sneaks up on William, but today William turned the tables. He came up like a mighty steed to his opponent

…but Angelito was secretly waiting for his attack!

And so, the wrestling began. It sure is nice to see them getting fat, happy and healthy. When they came to the rescue they were both so skinny, timid and scared of life in general. We’ve never seen donkey’s that like to gallop so much! They’re always racing around together.

Jason, Larry, April and Tawnee started working on the huge brush/log pile that was the result of all the tractor work. It’s kind of been on the back burner, but, if we don’t get the brush moved out and piles burned, we’ll have a lot of ugly fire danger sitting on the ground over summer.

The renovation of the big yellow trailer has started. Here Tawnee is setting a fumigation can up to kill all the black widow’s and other creepy crawly things in the trailer.

And so, another busy Sunday at the rescue comes to a close.

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