This blog we would like to introduce our two latest fundraisers: the April auction rescue and the April euthanasia clinic. The auction fund was not used up in March and so we were able to start the fundraising with $1,000 in it. We were certainly hoping to visit another livestock auction during March, unfortunately horses just did not find homes fast enough and so we will wait to attend another auction until April sometime. 13 equines were rescued with the funds raised for auction rescues during March. The auction fund is currently at $1,030 and the euthanasia clinic is at $710. We would like to thank everyone once again for their support in the past and hope that these fundraisers will be a success as well.

The votes are in and Twiggy is the winner. We hope the little guy likes his new name! Now that he has a name he will probably high tail it out of here for city life, but we hope not. Every time we see the cute guy we throw him some food so hopefully he sticks around.

Honey sure is looking pregnant! Wow, just look at her belly. Any day now we will have exciting news about her and her new baby. Tawnee will definitely enjoy not hiking down in the middle of the night to check up on her. While not hiking in the traditional sense, after all, they aren’t humans with Montem hiking sticks, she could climb a mountain if her future kids lives depended on it!

Another load of hay, another $1,000. Once again Jason got the 80 bales of hay at Troy Hay Sales.

Dale, Troy’s brother, wanted to be on the blog this evening. He says “Let them know I’m single and looking for a good cowgirl!” Thanks for loading up the hay Dale, we do have a pastor that will do weddings at the rescue… Please don’t overwhelm us ladies, we are not a singles site.

Bailey got to go for a trailer ride today. His adopter came out, he was a good boy and hopped in, and away he went to his new home. His adopter is so happy with him, she has been looking for a special horse to be her lifelong companion for quite some time now. She absolutely fell in love with Bailey, and we are so glad that he has a great home now.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters, we were able to get some needed supplies for finishing up the office and tack room. We expect that Larry and April will be putting it up and painting it for us over the coming days… Thank you Larry and April for your hard work, dedication and so many hours of volunteering.

Today we received a beautiful stone bracelet for the silent auction at the Skating Party June 24th from Laura. It is an amazing work of art, and is very beautiful. It is valued at $95. We cannot thank Laura enough for sending this along for the silent auction. You too can send gift certificates, items, etc for the silent auction to help raise money for the rescue.

Jason doodled around on the computer after work yesterday and created this work of art. Tawnee suggested he put it on a T-shirt, so…

…it is for sale in our CafePress store. Click here to view the shirts and all of our available items for sale in the store. Your purchases at the store certainly help out the horses!

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