This morning Tawnee got a sign out of the tack room that had been in storage since 2006. This sign used to hang on the gate where NorCal first started. It hung on the inside of the gate so that when the gate was open people could see the sign. Then when NorCal moved to Oroville it went into storage. This morning Tawnee found it and nailed it up to a post right by the office. The post is a corner post for Dottie and Macho Man’s pen.

Twiggy is getting friendlier! He was out begging for food so Tawnee wooed him as close as she could. Tawnee is hoping to have Twiggy eating out of her hand and riding around on her shoulder soon.

Jason hopped up on the tack room roof and started nailing the roofing down. This project was put on the back burner too many times, and today it finally found itself front and center of the days projects.

Tawnee was the ground support, passing roofing up to the top as needed. It only took about an hour to get it all done. Jason joked about the tools needed to do roofing full time, but, it was only a joke.

Animal Control came out to the rescue in response to a phone call today. They called us to see if we could bring a horse into our rescue that they seized, and we said “Yes.” The owners had two horses, and one had already died. This mare seems to be middle aged, she looks like an Appy Arab cross to us.

She’s pretty skinny, but hopefully with great feed she can bounce back and be happy and healthy once again.

Twiggy disappeared after Tawnee tried to befriend him and we didn’t see him again for a few hours. But then, Jason found him snuggling in the tack room.

He seemed quite happy and content. He fluffed up his feathers, groomed himself, and then…

…Twiggy fell fast asleep.

We’ve all grown to love Lippy Conner. He has recovered and his leg is healed. He has no proud flesh and he is looking good these days other than he still needs a bit more weight. Tawnee decided to take him out for a short ride. She thought he might enjoy it since his leg is all healed up now.

He had plenty to say about the situation, and we videoed it so hopefully we can get a video up in the next few days. He was a good boy for his ride but definitely has the Arab prance.

During Angel’s exercise out of her 12×12 stall today, she enjoyed visiting Jazzy. We are hoping that her due date is very soon, she certainly looks quite uncomfortable. We are all holding our breath, waiting for the magical moment of new life.

The sunset was beautiful, after all the horses got tucked into their beds Tawnee snapped this photo.

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