The April auction rescue fund is inching its way up. Thanks to your donations it is currently at $1,178. Our goal is once again $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses at livestock auctions. Please help how you can!

This morning was a beautiful sunny morning, but it was very windy and it only got worse as the day went on. The little critters were hanging out in their shelter wishing the wind would go away. But it didn’t. It blew furiously all day long.

The four horses rescued Friday are doing good. They are definitely enjoying having food to eat. The baby takes it all in wide eyed, enjoying the adventure, but wondering what is happening next. One thing she can depend on now is food.

Deb came out and started working with the horses. Ever faithful Deb, through rain, through sleet, through gales fierce, she’s here helping out how she can.

Tawnee took the first load of panels on the little flatbed trailer up to where we were going to be setting them up.

Shari came out to take Big Blue home. She absolutely loves this horse! We are so happy that Blue has found such a great home and we know that Shari will provide the best for Blue.

Big Blue loaded right up into Shari’s trailer. Blue is such a good girl and always takes time to think. She just looked for a little while and then slowly meandered into the trailer.
We have gotten our first update on Blue already: “We arrived at the barn just fine. Blue was a little resistant to unloading but with sweet grain she decide she would try it. Once in her pasture she was a pro. She just stood there looking around and then the train came. I was really nervous as the hot wire had not been turned on to the pasture yet, Blue turned around looked at the train and walked in the other direction. I had to laugh, she was handling the whole situation better than I. We walked around to pasture for awhile and she just settled right in to her new environment. The trainer stopped by to see her and is shock that I got her from a rescue. Thanks for saving Blue, I look forward to long trail rides with her.”

Another horse was surrendered today, he is an older QH gelding. He is a sweet guy and hopped right out of the trailer.

He settled right in and one of the visitors today placed him into adoption pending.

April and Larry came out today and brought a couple friends to help out at the rescue. There were a lot of panels that needed to be set up. There were at least 3 people continuously on the panel for hour after hour. But it was so exciting seeing the panels going up!

Beau’s potential adopter came out to meet him as well despite the blowing winds. She’s just waiting for her application to be processed so she can take him home if everything checks out fine.

The paneling continued to go well. Panels seemed to be everywhere!

Finally it was getting wrapped up. With some heaving and pulling from everyone to close up the last gap.

Part of the panels was purchased by Napoleons sponsor for his own special pen. We did a little ribbon cutting ceremony as he entered his palace courtyard.

Napoleon was quite satisfied and headed off to explore. These panels are so beautiful and we are so excited to have improved our facilities to better care for and increase the safety of the horses in our care. We never had an accident on the electric rope and T-posts (all posts were capped) but it can happen. Panels are, by and far and large, the absolute safest horse fencing available.

After the 4 paneled pens had been built, the arena area behind the mare motel was prepped for gravel and even more pens to be put up. The gravel isn’t here yet, but we are hoping to have some funds to get it done pretty soon.

The tractor was used to smooth out the winters rumps and ruffles. After it was done it looked great!

Honey still hasn’t delivered a baby. Her tummy keeps bulging out bigger and bigger out each side. Any day now a new little foal will be born. We are definitely anxious and excited!

Twiggy of course found himself hanging out in the tack room so he wouldn’t blow away, and his favorite place of all was in the grain bin. Just imagine being a little pigeon like him sitting in that much food. He must think he’s died and gone to heaven.

We would like to thank the great group of volunteers today, those that were mentioned by name and those that were not. We really got a lot done today, and we could not have gotten it done without your help. Thanks again guys and gals!

As the sun began to fall, Tawnee’s attention was not on the sunset, but was instead fastened on the beautiful paneled pens and the happy horses contentedly eating hay. What a huge improvement!

There are still more panels and the 4 stall shelter to put up, so our project with the panels is about half done.

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  1. It is amazing how much all of you have done for the horses.Each person that has either helped out financially or by voluntering your time have been so giving. The horses are sure taken care of at Norcal.

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